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  • LMFX Crystal Ball: Predict & Win

    LMFX Crystal Ball: Predict & Win

    • Posted: Jul 11, 2018
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    LMFX always cares about their clients, probably more than any other Forex brokers. They always make sure that the traders at LMFX stay at LMFX.That’s why they have adopted some effective ways to keep the traders engaged and interested in their platform.


    Giving their clients a chance to win a big bonus by participating in contests, investing big in trades, and depositing a good sum, is their way of saying “we want you here, we don’t want you to leave this platform.”


    LMFX has arranged different bonus and promotional offers for their traders. Apart from their Phoenix Recovery Bonus and Deposit Match Bonus, they have a Crystal Ball contest that gives the traders at LMFX a good chance to win a fortune.


    What is Crystal Ball?


    I bet you have seen those glowing crystal balls on movies and TV shows where a fortuneteller sits behind it and cast spells to see your future. No, this is not that type of crystal ball that I’m talking about. You can’t see your future in this crystal ball. But you can guess and that’s what this is about.


    LMFX allows you to guess the closing price of a currency pair for Monday at 12 o’clock midday. By guessing this correctly, any trader can win a bonus. There will be 3 winners, 1st, 2nd and 3rd who will win up to $1,000.


    How is the winner decided?


    Some might say that guessing the exact price is close to important. Yes, that’s true in a sense, but you can get very close to the exact figure if you analyze the data of previous weeks. And shockingly, you don’t have to be precise to win the bonus. You just need to be as close as possible.


    For example, say Larry said British Pound’s price will fall and come close to $1.48 this Monday, John said that the price will be closer to $1.39, Mike predicted $1.52 and Lew guessed $1.2.


    Say the price stood around $1.42 at Monday 12 pm. So, the best guess among John, Mike, Clark, and Larry is John’s $1.39 prediction because his $1.39 is closer to $1.42 than $1.48, $1.52 and $1.2. So, this week’s 1stwinner is John and he will get the $1,000 prize. But there are2 other prizes for the second and third best guess. So, Larry will get the 2nd place and Mike will be 3rd.


    Yes, total 3 bonus, up to $1,000.


    This is just example. It doesn’t have to be British Pounds and Dollars. It can be Euros and Dollars, Euros and Dollars or Dollars and Taka. Any currency you like is open for you to predict.


    In real time trading, the difference is very minimal. Besides, there will be a good number of participants who would like to give it a shot. That’s why it is tough to get the prediction closer to the exact figure. But if somehow you get it right, you win the grand prize of $1,000.


    Who is eligible for this?


    Every trader who registered their mobile number with the LMFX platform is eligible for this contest.


    Yes, you need to have a full LMFX account to participate in the prediction contest. Other information about their contests is on their website.


    For more info, please click here

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  • Accounts at LMFX

    Accounts at LMFX

    • Posted: Jun 22, 2018
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    LMFX is a user-friendly Forex Broker who allows their clients to choose from 3 different account types. Whatever your available capital, appetite for risk, and trading requirement is, LMFX has you covered with their different account types. These include LMFX Premium, Fixed, and Zero account.


    Premium Account


    For retail Forex traders, this Premium account is perfect. Traders can trade as low as 0.01 lots at LMFX. But if they want to go big, LMFX allows traders to trade up to sixty lots in one single trade, which is perfect if you want to take risks and get some profit out of it.


    Advanced trading platforms like Webtrader, Metatrader, and Mobile trading is available. When you open a Premium account, you also get a personal account manager and you automatically qualify for bonus offerings by LMFX.


    Leverage is 1:1000 and no commission on each lot. When you open an account, you just need the minimum amount of $50 to deposit. Once your account is active, you can reload with minimum $25. You can also deposit the amount in Euros.


    60 is the maximum total trade size for this type of account. The number of maximum open trades is 100. Margin call percentage is 50% and Stop out percentage is 20%.


    Fixed Account


    If you prefer trading with fixed spreads, LMFX has their Fixed account for you. This type of account gives you greater control over the trades you make and improves the accuracy while computing positions, thanks to the spread that you get in advance.


    For expert advisors or EAs who operate with the fixed spreads, this account type is most suitable. Like the Premium account, you get a personal account manager and once you open your account, you qualify for LMFX’s bonuses.


    With this account, there is no commission per lot, but the leverage is 1:400. Minimum deposit you need to make while opening a new account is $250. After that, you can reload with a minimum $50 at a time. Maximum total trades size is 75 and at once, you can keep 150 open trades. The amount can be deposited and withdrawn in either US Dollars or Euros.


    Margin call percentage is 30% and Stop out percentage is 15% with LMFX’s Fixed accounts.


    Zero Account


    The Zero accounts offered by LMFX is a low-cost account type for trading that boasts No Markup & Super-tight Spreads, starts from 0.0 pips!


    You can trade on the Interbank spreads with this Zero account offered by LMFX and bring down the cost for trading.


    The competitive commissions start at each 1,000 lot, which is why this account type is ideal for high-volume traders.


    Commission per lot is $4 and leverage is 1:250. When you open an account, you need to deposit minimum $100 and for the second time and onwards, minimum reloading is $50. Like other accounts, when you get started with Zero accounts, you qualify for LMFX bonuses like Phoenix Recovery Bonus and Deposit Match bonus.


    Maximum total trade size is 100 and at a single time, you can have 200 open trades. Account currency is both US Dollars and Euros. Marginal call is 30 percent and Stop Out is 15 percent.



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  • MT4 Desktop And Mobile Platforms for LMFX

    MT4 Desktop And Mobile Platforms for LMFX

    • Posted: Jun 06, 2018
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    LMFX is certainly a well-known Forex trading platform, thanks to the easy to access tools and user-friendly platforms. And if you are one of the lucky traders there, you may already know that the MT4 or MetaTrader 4 trading platform is available both on mobile and online to the traders at LMFX. Again, if you have been in the trading world for long, you already know about it and its benefits. But if you are from the minority of the people who are dedicated to Forex trading but don’t know anything about MetaTrader 4, it is high time you did.


    What is MetaTrader 4?



    MT4 or MetaTrader 4 is actually an electronic platform for trading, which is mostly used by the online retail Forex speculative traders. MT4 was developed and scripted by MetaQuotes Software Company and then released around 2005. This software is only licensed to the Forex brokers for proving the software to their respective clients.


    This software consists of 2 components. A server component and a client component. The server part is run by the brokers, while the client component is given to their clients or customers.


    Why is it important?


    A Forex Broker like LMFX offers it to their clients so that they can easily observe and stay up-to-date with the live prices, charts, and graphs, to place their order and to efficiently manage their own accounts.


    Any trader can use this if provided by their broker like LMFX does for its clients. Although it is currently a Windows-based software, many brokers have provided their customers a variant specifically designed for Mac OS.


    This software gained its popularity because of its ability for the end users to create and write their own trading script and a robot that could eventually automate trading.


    The Uptake


    In the year 2010, the software company MetaQuotes released their new version of the MT5 which is just the update to the version of MetaTrader 4. However, the update wasn’t taken so delightfully. It was found that MetaTrader 5 is slower than its predecessor MetaTrader 4, which is why the brokers stuck with the old one.


    Although it might seem like all MetaTrader versions were well received except MetaTrader 5, the history says otherwise. Like its successor, MetaTrader 4 and the previous versions were also not appreciated properly because of MetaQuotes unsatisfying attempt to develop the previous versions. Since MetaTrader’s idea came to their minds in 2002, MetaQuotes has released quite a handful of versions. But it wasn’t until 2005 when MetaTrader 4 came out and threw out the expectations made from its predecessors.


    Between the year 2007 & 2010, a big number of brokers added the MetaTrader 4 platform as an alternative to their own trading software and LMFX was one of those brokers. They didn’t need to add this to their platform, but back then, 3rd scripts were becoming more popular day by day. So, they didn’t miss the chance to engage their clients with up-to-date software and updates.


    The guys from LMFX thought that it was a great opportunity for them to engage their customers with the MT4 platform for both mobile and online and they did so quite efficiently.


    For more info, please visit: LMFX Broker Review




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  • Contests And Awards Offered By LMFX.com

    Contests And Awards Offered By LMFX.com

    • Posted: Apr 25, 2018
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    We all know that LMFX is a wonderful online trading platform. There are lots of reasons for you to join LMFX and start trading today. Some major reasons are the security of funds, education, becoming a partner, and contests. LMFX takes high safety measures to ensure your fund security and safer fund transfer. They have webinars presented by highly experienced professionals to educate you and prepare you for the perfect trading platform. You can become a partner and achieve a high level of revenue with them. Last but not the list of our topics – you can participate in the variety of contest and can win cash prizes and much more from LMFX. In this article, we will mainly discuss the contest and awards offered by LMFX.com


    Currently, 3 awesome contests and awards are available at LMFX.com. They are the LMFX Crystal ball contest, LMFX’s ultimate traders, and Learn and Earn contest. All 3 of them are discussed down below.


    1 – LMFX Crystal ball contest


    For this particular contest, you have to register your mobile number to enter and get a chance to win $1000 every week. This weekly contest is a real deal because $1000 is a lot. All you have to do is predict the exchange rates for winning up to $1000. Try to calculate the most accurate to-be exchange rates of the currency pair of that week. You have to guess the closing price on Monday at 12:00 midday. At the end of the week, top 3 closest assumptions will be awarded as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place with rewards up to one grand. But one thing you have to absolutely remember that, your mobile number is necessary for you to participate.


    2 –LMFX’s Ultimate Traders


    This contest is really amazing and for those who think they have gained the mastery in the art of Forex trading. This contest is not for absolute beginners, but those who want to prove them can definitely participate. This contest is monthly and you get the chance to win 1000 Dollars every month.


    Do you think that you have learned enough and have what it takes to be number 1? Then participate this competition and show this to everyone out there. For this competition, you have to join the rank of LMFX’s very own Ultimate traders, and then make it into the top & you will have the chance to win $1000; this is a good amount of money, and you can win this every month. Additionally, you get to collect points as Top Traders, which will help you win the title of Trader of the Year. In this way, at the end of the year, you can win $100 trading fund.


    3- Learn and earn contest


    This contest is dedicated towards the beginner. This can act as a motivation for the beginner to grow bigger. The amazing part of this contest is that you have absolutely no monetary risks involved. You can only gain from this contest each month. This is a monthly contest and the prize is up to $1000.


    This contest is only held in demo accounts, so the other members cannot participate. All you have to do is practice and master the trading skills. At the end of the month, the top 3 will be awarded the prize money, and they will have the chance to win up to $1000.


    For more info, please visit: LMFX Broker Review



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