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  • How Does eToro’s Popular Investor Program work?

    How Does eToro’s Popular Investor Program work?

    • Posted: Aug 22, 2018
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    eToro’s Popular Investor program has been the talk of the town for a while. You can say its “Popular.” no puns intended.


    Why shouldn’t it be? I mean, if you are good at something and you get rewarded for it, there’s nothing that can possibly go wrong, right? eToro’s Popular Investor Program is just that.


    Successful Investors get rewards depending on their followers, this might feel like an oversimplification, but this is it.


    I bet you already knew that, which means you are here for the calculations and the detailed process. So, let’s begin.

    How does the Program work?


    Unlike other promotional offers at eToro, the popular investors won’t have to convert their eToro credits to cash. The investors under the “Popular Investor Program” will directly receive the cash fund. Investors can withdraw the fundsat any time. Also, the investors will be given some options to choose for their preferred withdrawing method via their eToro trading account.


    If you were wondering about limits, there is actually no minimum trading limits for a month. But a position must’ve been either created during one calendar month or it would’ve been carried over from last month.


    At the very first week of a month, eToro will reward the popular investors. The investors will be paid according to the average number of qualified copiers on their profile, which they had on a daily basis, for the last month.


    Here, the qualified copiers are the traders who copied at the midnight GMT & has minimum 100 USD or equivalent EURs of unrealized equity. This includes the P&L of any opened positions. You might have noticed that we used “qualified copier.” We will explain it later.


    For explaining the whole process further, let’s say John is the copied trader or investor and Simon a copier. Say Simon starts to copy John with 100 USD or equivalent Euros. Once he started copying, Simon has become a qualified copier or qualified copy-trader.


    Now, John opens a few positions that Simon starts copying. It’s time for the market to show the results. Say the market is not in John’s favor and consequently Simon loses $20. At this very moment, Simon is not a qualified copier. But once again, when the market goes in John’s favor, say Simon got $45. This means it will bring up his unrealized equity to $120. From here on, Simon is a qualified copier again.


    So, to be a qualified copier, the trader who is copying a popular trader, should be a gainer in anyway. The moment a copier becomes an initial loser, he/she loses the credibility of being a qualified copier.


    Another important fact, the payments for popular investor program depends on two different factors. First of all, it depends on the average daily qualified copier.


    Secondly, it depends on the number of profitable time periods from the following 4 investment periods, last month, last three months, last six months, and last year. From these 4, two profitable investment period means that the popular investor gets paid according to eToro’s “top” amount from their fixed chart.


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  • Everything You Need to Know About CopyFunds on Etoro

    Everything You Need to Know About CopyFunds on Etoro

    • Posted: May 31, 2018
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    eToro has become one of the best social trading platforms. This is not because they do marketing like no other. I know they do,but marketing was never the strong point for eToro like XM. They do believe in marketing, but don’t rely on only the marketing bits to draw attention. Instead, they are mostly dedicated to inventing newer ways to serve their clients to help them reach maximum profit with their invested amount. CopyFunds is one of those biggest next-generation investment products from eToro.  So, what is it?



    What is CopyFunds?


    As mentioned before, CopyFunds is a product for the next generation of trading designed by the leading traders and the hardworking team of eToro. Since their establishment in 2007, eToro planned to bring something this revolutionary and introduce it to their clients. Finally, they have.


    CopyFunds groups the successful investors from eToro together and then constantly makes newer adjustments to optimize their funds for maximum profit. Unlike ETFs or indices, CopyFunds are solely based on the collective wisdom of a few investors or traders who are active on the trading platform and have shown some impressive results. Just like any other funds, CopyFunds is composed of multiple elements and adds more stability, which leads to a lower risk as a financial instrument.


    This innovative financial tool is definitely brand-new and each of the funds is traded just like any other and it is managed by a sophisticated and optimized algorithm.


    CopyFunds aims to help the investor to minimize long-term risk and promote opportunities for growth. This is done by taking Copy Trading to the upper level and by creating diversified investments.


    Types of CopyFunds


    There are 2 types of CopyFunds that you can invest in –


    1. Top Trader CopyFunds
    2. Market CopyFunds


    First one, which is Top Trader CopyFunds, comprises the most sustainable and best performing traders on eToro platform.


    On the other hand, Market CopyFunds is just a bundle of CFD stocks, ETFs or commodities under one single chosen market strategy.


    Get started with CopyFunds


    With just three steps, a user of eToro can invest in Copy Funds.


    Step one: Choosing the CopyFunds


    First, you need to choose the CopyFunds that are suitable for your needs. You have two different types of CopyFunds to choose from. Top Trader CopyFunds and the Market CopyFunds.


    Step two: Choosing the amount


    Then you need to choose the ideal amount that you are confident to invest. Don’t go with a big amount if you are not confident.


    Step three: Finish it with one click


    Now that you have chosen your suitable CopyFunds type and entered the amount, all you need is a click on a button to get started with CopyFunds.


    The Next Gen. Portfolio


    Once you are done investing in CopyFunds, get your couch ready to rest because your capital is being managed professionally by eToro’s own investment committee.


    Now that you know everything about eToro’s next-generation trading product, this is your time to invest. But don’t forget to contact their customer support if you find any complications while investing.

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  • Risk Score on Etoro

    Risk Score on Etoro

    • Posted: May 17, 2018
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    It is pretty common now that everyone is talking about it – trading might be risky. You might get this warning from pretty much everywhere. So today, we will discuss this risk factor for trading.


    It is an important duty of every investor to assess how much risk they are taking for their every decision. Calculating risk is not easy, and it becomes even harder when you are into copy trading. There must be something out there to help you with this factor.


    About The Risk Score


    Etoro is currently working on and planning to release a feature within the next few months. The feature is called – risk score, and this will be a really handy tool for all the investors out there.


    The function of Risk Score is to assess the risk associated with your particular trading decision, and it will work even on a copy trading aspect. With the help of the tool, it will be possible for you to analyze possible risks and where they are coming from, plus you get to analyze the profile of others, not just your own.


    In terms of copy trading, the trader who you will copy will have a definite impact on your Risk Score. Data will be collected and the calculation will be done using the preferred algorithm. This will allow you to assess the risk other traders are taking.


    Risk Score procedure


    One important thing you need to understand is that risk score is based on a trader’s performance from the past, so it cannot indicate what the future results will be.


    The procedure to calculate risk is pretty simple and does not include any sort of hardcore algorithms. Most traders invest in multiple instruments to reduce risk. As you copy multiple traders, your risk score will be high if they all invest in a similar way. On the other hand, if they invest diversely then your risk is lower.

    Since the risk score tool is still in development, you won’t be able to get updated about risk in real time. But in the future, it might be possible for you to get a risk score in real time.


    How this works


    You will get a numerical risk score that has a range from 1 – 10. This will help you to understand the amount of risk associated with your decision easily. The moment you make a new investment decision, the risk score will be visible. Etoro promises to improve this process even further so you can get more details and infographics on risk analysis. This improved feature will be provided as an update in the future versions.


    Note that


    This is a tool that we are talking about, but you are the trader. So, this tool might actually help you to make your trading decisions, but you are the one who is supposed to take responsibility. The risk score feature doesn’t tell you if you should invest or not.


    What will happen?


    Etoro promises to launch this amazing new feature within the next few months. Also, some risk analysis of most copied traders will be published so you can have abetter understanding of the Risk Score.


    For more details, contact us now at Etoro Review


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  • eToroCopyTrader Explained

    eToroCopyTrader Explained

    • Posted: Apr 09, 2018
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    For new traders, the world of trading is like a puzzle. You don’t know what to do or how to do. That’s why they often make many mistakes and takes wrong decisions.


    But eToro got them covered.


    For newcomers in trading, eToro has CopyTrading system. Basically, CopyTrading is a system for newcomers and inexperienced traders to see, analyze, and copy the experienced and successful traders. This social feature is one of the many reasons why traders consider it as a unique platform for trading.


    How does CopyTrade Work?


    CopyTrade system is easy and simple to use because only the newcomers in trading will use this. That’s why it is important that the entire process is easy and eToro ensured that.


    I’m going to divide the entire process of copying someone else’s trading into 3 parts. Choosing who to follow, adjusting the amount of investment, and following in real time.


    Choosing who to follow: There will be many successful traders who statistics, trading, and strategy will impress you. But you shouldn’t be that quick to choose someone because this decision of your will affect your account and investment. If you rush, you can end up following someone who is not the number 1 trader you became across. To make sure you are following the right person, see their stats deeply. Don’t overlook any small details. See the analysis of their trading. Only when you are convinced with the stats and his skill, you are ready to follow his trading.


    You can also copy multiple traders if you want. But eToro limited the number to 100, which is more than enough.


    Adjust the amount of investment: Once you are done choosing someone to follow, it is time to set up the amount of investment. Remember, this is a crucial decision. If your strategy isn’t full-proof, it is best that you invest a small amount rather than betting all your stakes at once. But if you are confident about your copied trader and his strategy, you can go big and invest a good sum. But there are some restrictions from eToro about copying traders and investing. First of all, you will have to invest minimum $100 in a trader. And $500,00 is the highest amount that you can invest in one trader. Besides, the minimum amount for a copied trade is one dollar.


    When you manually close the copied trade, you get the amount from this position as credit in your copy balance.


    Start following in real time with one click: The hard part is done. Now you can start copying their trades with only one click. From now on whenever the copied trader makes any move, it gets copied into your account in real time. That’s why you are doing the same as your favorite trader.


     Bottom Line


    CopyTrading is one of the most important features that highlights eToro over any other trading platform. This is a useful and handy feature for everyone who is on this platform, especially the newcomers who are not well-aware of the behaviors of the trading world.

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