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    • Posted: Sep 07, 2017
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    LMFX Broker is a relatively new international online retail broker founded in 2015 and belongs to the group of ‘Fastest-Growing’ forex brokers. They also accept US traders which is not all that common and traders from all regions including USA can take advantages from this broker.

    LMFX.com is one of the ‘Rising Forex brokers’ with almost no negative reviews at all and has lots of choices, both in regards to account types and trading platforms. This broker is a very typical broker and works as a Market Maker with the variable spreads that go with it. LMFX is one of the industry’s top forex brokers that have chosen to stay “Unregulated” with the confidence that this would be the finest way to provide the best deals, promotions and trading conditions to their beloved traders.

    With the belief in mind “Commitment to Excellence” LMFX belongs to the group of major Forex Brokers. They have had very strong growth since they were founded. In my opinion they cater mostly to Discretionary Traders or so called Position Traders, who trade daily or 4H charts. However, if you are a High Frequency Trader or Scalper this broker offers exclusive trading features for you too. No matter which kind of trader you are, this broker is a great broker since they are pretty straight forward, offer good support and training through their dedicated education center. If you are new to the Forex trading market, then LMFX.com can be a good choice since they will help you with the basics until you can stand on your own legs.


    Trading Conditions
    The trading conditions with LMFX.com are typical for a Market Maker although they offer both fixed and variable spreads. LMFX offers a different approach in terms of spreads of the individual products. In order to make this clear and transparent to all traders, they have listed them up in a table so that at a glance you can compare the structure of each.

    If you are a trader with a strategy that explicitly avoids major market events, then a variable spread is better since your profit will be larger (and losses smaller). For a beginner, fixed spreads can be better due to the problem with keeping track of everything that is happening in the markets, and you can also trade with a Zero Spread account if you prefer to skip the strain of ‘spread terms’ and go with fixed commissions on the major and minors.

    The spreads are at 1.2 for the EUR/USD on ‘Premium Spread’, 1.8 on ‘Fixed Spread’ accounts which are fairly competitive. They also claim as low as 0.2 spread on ‘Zero Spread’ account but since this is a new platform that remains to be seen if it really that good. If it is then the LMFX Trade platform might be one of the better choices for a Position Trader.

    What is more important in order to consider this broker as good is quick execution and as we have been able to check it, the execution is great. LMFX is simple and easy to use and if your trading strategy allows, it is the preferred choice for a newbie trader. To make money trading Forex doesn’t mean it has to be complicated, simplicity is usually the better option and then this broker is a good choice.

    Account Types
    With LMFX.com you can choose between three different platforms:
    Premium account
    • Fixed account, and
    • Zero account

    The premium account has been wisely designed to meet the trading requirements of individual forex traders and with the tiniest trade size starting at 0.01 lots, and comes with Competitive Spreads feature. You can open a premium account with as little as a $50 and be allowed to trade with the MetaTrader, WebTrader and Mobile Trading platforms.

    LMFX fixed account is the ideal solution for traders who wish to trade with fixed spread conditions. Since you are aware of the spreads prior to executing an order, this account lets you have better control over your trading and increase trading accuracy when calculating positions. You can open an account to grab these features with a minimum deposit of only $250.

    LMFX zero account is a low-cost trading account that offers NO hikes but comes with super-tight spreads starting from 0.0 pips! With a minimum deposit of $100 only, you can trade on Interbank spreads with this zero spread account and decrease the cost of your trading. This account type is absolutely suitable for the scalper and high frequency trader.


    Trading Platforms
    LMFX offers two different types of trading platforms for its traders. The most popular and worldwide recognized MT4 (MetaTrader 4) which is the industry standard and the LMFX WebTrader, which is a web based trading interface. Personally, I don’t like MT4 and you would understand it if you have tested and traded with as many trading platforms as I have. The amount of learning involved to use MT4 properly is massive, not including learning to program your own EAs (Expert Advisers). LMFX, on the other hand, might not have all the bells and whistles but offers an ultra-modern web based interface that is intuitive to use. If you are a novice trader go with the WebTrader which is easier to learn and spend more time developing your trading strategy and learning it well. That’s the way to make money, not through some fancy program.

    LMFX.com also offers mobile trading platforms for traders to trade the forex market while on the move. The iPhone Trader, iPad Trader, and Android Trader will let you take full advantage of forex market and make money from anywhere with internet access on your device.

    General Impression
    Since this is an ‘Emerging Forex broker’ with many positive reviews in the industry, it is pretty easy to get an impression of this Forex broker. There are minimal negative reviews of this broker, showing the security and customer service of the broker to be of the highest level. The execution is ‘Top Notch’ and there are no other issues with this broker that will decreases your trading experience.

    There are a number of reasons why this broker became so renowned and successful, but perhaps the most significant one is the fact that your trading experience with LMFX broker will be totally safe and astonishing.

    This has been made possible by the company’s cutting-edge Pro platform with a multitude of trading assets and tools, exclusively tailored account packages, secure deposit and withdrawal options, and dedicated account managers.


    Banking – Deposit and Withdrawals
    LMFX is dedicated to the highest level of security when sending out your payments. In addition, deposits can be done through a wide selection of safe and trusted payment methods, in a selection of different currencies. When you request for a withdrawal, funds are simply transferred to your preferred account in the currency of your preference and through the process most suitable to you. This makes the process safe, simple, and quick.

    Wire Transfer:
    • Deposit: minimum deposit amount for wire transfers is 250 USD/EUR and it takes 2-7 working days to get your funds deposited into your account.
    • Withdrawal: minimum withdrawal amount is 100 USD/EUR and through this process, it takes 2-7 working days
    (depending on your bank) to get your funds deposited into your bank account.

    VISA / MasterCard:
    • Deposit: you can make a minimum deposit of 50 USD/EUR using your card to start trading with LMFX. This takes maximum of 30 minutes to be credited to your account.
    • Withdraw: 10 USD/EUR is the minimum required amount to make a withdrawal from your trading account to your card. Depending on your card provider, this will take 2-10 business days to complete the process.

    Skrill / Neteller / FasaPay:
    • Deposit: Deposits are done instantly with this method and the minimum amount required is 50 USD/EUR.
    • Withdraw: Same business day withdrawals are possible using these methods and minimum withdrawal amount is $10 USD/EUR. Withdrawal requests before 10:00 AM server time, are handled on the same business day, otherwise, you’ll have to wait for the next business day.

    On this part, LMFX.com is good. We can neither fault the training provided or the support. Since training is important, emerging brokers like LMFX.com have the resources to create a complete educational library catering to the needs of their clients. Support is also very good and it is easy to get hold of someone for questions. This broker is a very reliable.

    One of the strong points with this broker is the training and support. The training is extensive and is indicative of a well-established broker. There are video tutorials, trading tools, an economic calendar, and an extensive section of market analysis with in-depth market updates. Support is also top-notch and available in many languages with well-educated personnel. You can have your support in many methods that include; contact through web form, call them from your mobile, direct email to CSR, sales or PAMM department and the US Toll Free Line dedicated for traders from USA. We recommend the phone since they don’t put you on hold for long and if you are a trader from USA; you can easily use the toll-free number.

    Final Verdict
    In the conclusion, we believe LMFX to be a great broker, especially in today’s marketplace, with most new brokers trying to scam traders. LMFX’s features speak for themself. If you are new to Forex trading this could be a great broker to start with since they have exceptional training and support. It’s a straightforward broker and although they do offer an ECN alternative, it’s not viable for most aspiring traders.



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  • BinaryMate


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    BinaryMate is a binary options trading firm that was formed in 2016. It provides a number of features for new and experienced traders in the United States and throughout the world. BinaryMate offers a unique approach to trading along with advanced educational references and live video support and mentoring 24/7.
    Max Bonus: 100% + $250 Welcome Bonus or 3 free risk trades
    Max Payout: 95%
    Authority: United Kingdom
    Platform: In-House Specialty Platform
    Withdrawals Processed Within: 60 Minutes
    Support: Through Live Video Chat or By Phone
    Currencies Accepted: USD, EUR, GBP, RUB
    About the BinaryMate Platform
    BinaryMate provides a proprietary trading platform that includes a wide variety of tools for analytics and investments. The platform allows investors to trade using the robust features of the system.
    BinaryMate brings binary options trading to a new level. The website is packed with guides and videos for learning how to use and profit from all of the platform’s tools. There is also 24×7 video support available to all traders. Traders are able to learn how to develop their own trading strategy through the private or public video chat. The BinaryMate interface is easy to use. Beginners, as well as seasoned investors will want to use the system and utilize some of the best tools on the market today.
    BinaryMate offers several different trade types. Their high/low trades offer the most options. Expiry times range from 60 seconds to 1 year. The investor’s actions are immediately executed, minimizing any price change possibilities. Assets able to be traded include; currencies, indices, stocks and commodities.
    The BinaryMate platform is extremely effective when traders take advantage of all the features and tools. Users will experience, on average, about a 30% higher success rate for their trades when compared to any other platforms on the market today.


    Accounts and Payout Options
    For traders that are new to BinaryMate, a demo account is a great way of learning the platform. After practicing and learning the interface with a demo account, traders are able to choose from three different account levels.
    These Accounts Include:
    The Bronze Account
    The bronze account is a great way for new traders to start investing into binary options. The deposit minimum is only $250 and the withdrawal period for funds is under 60 minutes, the shortest in the industry. Traders will receive up to a 20% bonus and are able to access the educational trading videos and written documents.
    The Silver Account
    The most popular account type on BinaryMate is the silver account. This account requires a minimum $1,000 deposit and is designed for traders with some level of binary options trading experience. Silver account holders will have access to more advanced educational tools and a client success manager. The first 3 trades are also risk free. Any loses from the first 3 trades are covered by the platform. Profitable trades are always credited to the traders. There is a 50% bonus included with the silver account.
    The Gold Account
    In addition to all of the benefits and features of the other two accounts, the gold account includes access to a client success representative who provides more specialized support and educational tools along with a personal Swiss Card which allows easier access to withdrawals. The minimum deposit for this account type is $3,000 however, a 100% bonus match is provided.
    Financial Options
    Depositing and withdrawing money from BinaryMate is always an easy process. BinaryMate supports four different currencies; USD, EUR, GBP and RUB.
    Deposits can be made by; all major credit and debit cards, wire transfer, Skrill, Neteller and Bitcoin, to name a few. New e wallet funding options are regularly added. There is a minimum deposit of $250 and investments range from $1 to $10,000.
    Withdrawals are processed within 1 hour and there is a $50 minimum withdrawal amount required. A 1 hour withdrawal is the fastest in the industry.
    Platform Support Features
    One of best and most unique features of BinaryMate is the live video support tools. Users have the ability to speak with experienced traders who are able to offer account support as well as educational support. Users have access to their client success manager at all times during the day and night. BinaryMate offers dozens of analytical tools to assist traders with evaluating asset patterns and market events.


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