The forex and binary option industry is very lucrative for affiliates. There are several different affiliate program plans and hundreds of brokerages to partner with. has narrowed this down and listed only the best affiliate programs. Scroll down and view our top picks (the brokerages we promote for). It is recommended that serious affiliates join all or most of the programs below.


There are three main commission structures for forex and binary option affiliate programs. Cost per action (CPA), revenue share and rebates per lot (100,000 units of currency). Most brokerages will allow traders to open; standard lot (100,000 units) accounts, mini lot (10,000 units) accounts and micro lot (1,000 units) accounts. The full rebate per lot commission is paid on all size accounts for every 100,000 units of traded currency. For example; if the commission is $10 per lot and your trader trades 10,000 units, you will be paid $1. Revenue share and rebate per lot programs are paid continually while CPA is paid one time.


New affiliates must choose which type of affiliate program they will be promoting. It is suggested that affiliates signup and promote several different brokerages with mixed compensation plans. The majority of forex and binary option traders will not be successful and lose their initial investment. There is no way to know exactly how successful your referred traders will be; unless you evaluate them prior (very unlikely for affiliates to do). Signing up and promoting several affiliate programs with different compensation plans will ensure that affiliates spread their traders/revenue over both signup bonuses and ongoing residual revenue. As you build your website and promote your forex partners, your goal is to try and generate consistent income.


CompanyMarketCPARevenue ShareRebates Per LotLanguages reviewForexUp To $20025%-40%N/A24 review
Slot Gacor Slot Online Slot Judi Slot Judi Slot Online Situs Slot Slot Gacor Hari Ini
ForexN/AN/AUp To $1025

Binary OptionsUp To $40060% of 1st Deposit
20% of 2nd+ Deposits


When an affiliate joins a broker’s affiliate program, they are putting their reputation (and their website’s reputation) on the line. It is important that the affiliate understands the basics of the forex industry and the offerings of the brokerage. Some potential traders will contact the affiliate’s website for information on choosing the best brokerage per their requirements. The affiliate can easily direct the potential trader to the best brokerage.


Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. To become a successful forex affiliate, it takes; planning, hard work and perseverance. New affiliates must research the industry and create a unique website niche that will interest potential traders. The industry is filled with affiliates that operate websites with old outdated information that never changes. They might get lucky and refer a few traders here and there but they will never excel and reach their website’s full potential. When you make the choice to become a forex affiliate, be prepared to invest time and money in order to create a consistent income stream. It really only takes several steady traders and a revenue share forex affiliate program to create a very successful website.


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