Why Become a Forex Affiliate?

The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world; more than 10 times larger than the combined volume of all the world’s stock markets. Nonetheless, trading forex is not the only way to make money in the forex market. This enormous daily trading volume generates massive amounts of fees and commissions for forex brokers and their affiliates. Our forex affiliates make residual income everyday no matter what happens in the global economic market. Forex affiliates are paid when traders buy and when they sell; it doesn’t matter if the traders make or lose money.


There are thousands of different forex and binary option brokerages on the internet today (and more opening daily) with an affiliate program for each one. How does a potential forex affiliate choose which companies to partner with? No matter if you are directly referring clients (communicating with the potential trader prior to sending them a signup link) or you are promoting a brokerage through a website; your name and your company name are both on the line if the brokerage you recommend does not perform as expected.


Forex is one of the most profitable affiliate opportunities on the internet, however it requires due diligence on the part of the affiliate before partnering with a brokerage; the due diligence an affiliate would not normally perform if they were promoting an online clothing store for example. Traders are investing large sums of money and the integrity of the brokerage should be confirmed by the affiliate prior to promoting the broker’s products.


A Few Points to Take Into Consideration When Choosing Which Forex Brokerages to Promote:

  • -Attractive Bonuses are Available to Traders When Opening a New Account
  • -What Regulation and Licensing Does the Broker Hold
  • -Accepts Traders From the Jurisdictions You are Targeting
  • -Several Different Payment Methods to Fund the Trader’s Account
  • -On Time Payouts to Traders and Affiliates
  • -Aggressive Leverage Ratios
  • -Multitude of Products to Trade
  • -Security of the Trader’s and the Affiliate’s Funds


What Do We Do?

Normally, when Introducing Brokers (IBs) and forex affiliates start looking for programs and brokerages to promote, they are forced to go through hundreds of affiliate programs one by one. Other than being tedious and extremely time consuming; this method does not yield the best results. Affiliates have no idea when signing up with a brokerage how they operate and if they are legitimate; brokerages do not provide detailed commission schedules on their website (because of their competitors) and any reviews you read on their website or any other website may be biased. The only way to know for sure is to consult with a current affiliate.

  • -ForexGator.com DOES NOT charge any fees!
  • -ForexGator.com DOES NOT handle the affiliate’s commissions; affiliates are paid directly from the brokerage.
  • -ForexGator.com promotes the SAME brokerages.
  • -ForexGator.com will setup your company up as an affiliate with multiple brokerages.
  • -ForexGator.com has negotiated higher commissions with the brokerages being promoted versus affiliates signing up with the brokerages on their own.

Our program differs from other forex affiliate programs since we work with several top forex firms. You are easily able to promote the best firms to ensure your traffic converts at the highest possible ratio. We have vetted each brokerage to make sure that affiliates are paid on time every time. We will assign your company with dedicated account managers to assist with all aspects of building your forex affiliate business. ForexGator.com will design a customized affiliate program to achieve your company’s individual goals.


Why Work With Us?

  • -Global Brokers
  • -Protected Funds
  • -Industry Leading Execution
  • -Devoted 24/5 Support
  • -Free Education
  • -Fastest Desktop and Mobile Platforms
  • -Nonstop Promotions
  • -Market Experts
  • -Fast Deposits / Fast Withdrawals



  • -Up to $15 Per Lot – No Limit on Commissions Per Client
  • -Transfer Between IB and Client Account – Flexible and Simple
  • -Payments on Time – on Time Every Time
  • -Personal Account Managers – More than 21 Languages
  • -No Limit on Commissions Per Client
  • -No Limit on Monthly Earnings
  • -Unbeatable Conversions and Retention
  • -Contests and Promotions
  • -Additional Sources of Income
  • -Real-Time Reporting
  • -Promote a Regulated Broker with Safety of Funds


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