Unlocking Enhanced Connectivity: A Guide to Installing Intuit CAMPs

Unlocking Enhanced Connectivity: A Guide to Installing Intuit CAMPs

Connecting QuickBooks to other software systems is critical for streamlining business processes. However, moving data between programs often requires manual exporting and importing. With Intuit Connector Assistance for My Products (CAMPs), you can automate connections between QuickBooks and hundreds of external apps.

In this guide, we’ll walk through getting started with Intuit CAMPs. We’ll cover prerequisites, installation, setting up connections, and tips for integrating CAMPs into your workflows. Follow along to unlock seamless connectivity between QuickBooks and your other business systems.

Prerequisites – Intuit CAMPs

Before installing Intuit CAMPs, make sure:

  • You have QuickBooks Desktop 2019 or newer
  • You’re signed up for QuickBooks Online if you are connecting to cloud apps
  • You have admin access to install programs on your PC
  • Your company file is stored locally or hosted on QBO, not a shared network drive
  • You know which apps you want to connect QuickBooks to

With those prerequisites met, you’re ready to begin installation.

Step 1: Download Intuit CAMPs

Go to the Intuit CAMPs page and click Download. This downloads the small installation file to your computer. Could you make a note of where it’s saved?

Step 2: Install the Software

Find the CAMP installation file and double-click to launch. This opens the set-up wizard.

Click next on the initial screen, accept the license agreement, and leave the destination folder as the default installation directory. Installing the Intuit CAMPs service is the only option, so no custom component selection is needed.

Click Install to proceed with the standard software installation process. Enter your admin password if prompted. After installation, ensure the “Launch Intuit CAMPs” box is checked, and then click Finish.

Allow Intuit CAMPs to make changes if requested by your system. This will launch the program for the first time.

Step 3: Set Up Your Intuit Account

The first time Intuit CAMPs open, it will prompt you to sign in or create an Intuit account. This is necessary to manage the connections.

If you already have an Intuit account used for QuickBooks Online or other services, sign in with that. Otherwise, clicks create an Account and supply the required details to set up a new Intuit ID.

Use an email and password you’ll remember. Make sure the email is reachable, as Intuit may send verification messages. Once signed in, your account is connected to Intuit CAMPs on that computer.

Step 4: Connect Apps to QuickBooks

Now you’re ready to integrate apps! Click the Add App button in Intuit CAMPs to browse available connections. You can search the list of hundreds of supported programs and services.

When you find one you want to connect, click Add and follow the prompts to authenticate that application with your account. For example, linking to Google Analytics would require you to sign in to your Google account.

After auth, you’ll be able to configure and enable the connection. Adjust any available settings, like sync frequency and data filters. Ensure the connection type is set correctly, like one-way or two-way sync. The steps vary by app.

Finally, click Enable to activate the connection. Intuit CAMPs will automatically sync the data between QuickBooks and the external program.

Most connections support both QuickBooks Online and Desktop. The relationship guides you through selecting the suitable QB company file. Repeat for any other software tools you want to link up.

Step 5: Manage Connections

Once connected, apps appear on the My Products page. Here you can:

  • Reconfigure connections
  • Disable or delete connections
  • View status and sync history
  • Troubleshoot failed syncs
  • Adjust sync frequency

Monitoring this page helps ensure your connections stay intact over time. You can create groups and segments to organize better and manage multiple integrated products.

Click on any product to view that connection’s logs, available settings, and usage stats. The more you use and optimize the links, the more powerful your integrated workflow becomes.


With Intuit CAMPs installed and your critical business systems connected, you can achieve new levels of QuickBooks productivity. Seamless data sync eliminates manual exporting or entering of the same data across multiple programs. Just remember to n your connections within the regularly CAMPs interface regularly. Adjust settings as needed, rectify broken links, and optimize your integrations.

Unlocking enhanced connectivity takes your QuickBooks use to the next level. Intuit CAMPs make it simple and achievable for any QuickBooks user. Give it a try and streamline your software ecosystem.

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