Exploring Popular WooCommerce Dashboard Plugins

Exploring Popular WooCommerce Dashboard Plugins

In today’s digital age eCommerce has experienced exponential growth. Businesses utilise robust platforms like WooCommerce to establish their online presence and drive more sales. WooCommerce an open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress offers numerous features and functionalities to manage an online store effectively. One such crucial element of a successful WooCommerce store is the dashboard plugin. A WooCommerce plugin provides store owners with a centralized management panel to track, evaluate and improve many components of their online store. This post will examine a few of the most widely used WooCommerce dashboard plugins on the market highlighting their unique characteristics and applicability to various business requirements.

What is WooCommerce Dashboard: Introduction

Millions of companies all over the world use the popular eCommerce platform WooCommerce. It is a WordPress plugin that enables users to establish web-based stores for selling goods online. The main panel for managing a store, viewing sales information and carrying out other operations associated with an online business is the WooCommerce dashboard. There are numerous plugins available that can be used to improve the user experience and expand the capabilities of the WooCommerce dashboard.

WooCommerce Key Features:

  • Woocommerce provides product management features that help users to manage inventory, add type and product categories, customize product attributes such as size, and colour and even provide special prices.
  • It provides an order management feature that helps users to monitor all the orders of customers.
  • Woocommerce provides in-built sales reports so users can get them in just one click and they can export these reports in Excel or CSV document format.
  • It offers various payment methods that are fully compatible with popular payment gateways.

Some Popular WooCommerce Dashboard Plugins:


MonsterInsights is a leading WooCommerce dashboard plugin that seamlessly integrates Google Analytics into your WooCommerce store. With over 2 million active installations it provides comprehensive insights regarding visitor demographics, popular products, conversion rates and more. MonsterInsights simplifies eCommerce analytics by displaying intuitive reports right in your WordPress dashboard.

Key features of MonsterInsights include enhanced eCommerce tracking, page-level analytics, custom dimensions and universal tracking across devices. It allows you to track various eCommerce metrics including revenue, average order value, conversion rate and top referral sources. The plugin also facilitates tracking events like Add to Cart, Checkout and Purchase for deeper analysis.

MonsterInsights has a user-friendly interface, easy setup process and in-depth analytics making it a go-to choice for WooCommerce users seeking comprehensive tracking capabilities.


Metorik is a powerful WooCommerce dashboard plugin that offers advanced store analytics, customer insights and segmented data. It provides real-time reports, charts and visualizations to monitor sales, customer behaviour, best-selling products and many more. With Metorik, you can analyze data at an advanced level and make informed decisions to optimize your store’s performance.

This plugin’s standout features include customer profiles, order management, email automation and data filters. Metorik enables you to explore individual customer details such as purchase history, lifetime value and personalized recommendations. It also allows you to automate targeted email campaigns based on specific triggers or events. Whether you’re an eCommerce store owner, marketer or business analyst Metorik empowers you to drive growth by unlocking actionable insights from your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Admin

The WooCommerce Admin plugin is an official dashboard extension for WooCommerce users. It aims to streamline store management by providing a comprehensive overview of sales, orders, customers and other key metrics.

WooCommerce Admin offers a user-friendly interface with interactive charts, graphs, and detailed reports making it easy to track store performance. The plugin includes features like intuitive drill-downs, filtering options and segmented data analysis for enhanced insights.

One of the plugin’s notable features is the built-in marketing suggestions feature which provides data-driven recommendations to improve your store’s conversions and revenue. It also integrates with other official WooCommerce extensions further expanding its functionality. It is developed by the same team that maintains WooCommerce, it ensures compatibility and seamless integration.

WooCommerce Advanced Dashboard

This plugin allows you to customize your WooCommerce dashboard by adding or removing various widgets. You can display important statistics, sales data, order information, and more at a glance. WooCommerce Advanced Dashboard also offers additional features like sales notifications, sales trend charts, and an overview of your store’s revenue and orders.  It allows merchants to control the information and features displayed to different types of users, ensuring that they only see relevant data. The widgets are configurable and can be arranged according to merchants’ priorities.

YITH WooCommerce Dashboard Manager

YITH WooCommerce Dashboard Manager enables merchants to create customized dashboards for different user roles. It allows merchants to control the information and features displayed to different types of users, ensuring that they only see relevant data.  It provides a range of options to rearrange, edit, and remove sections and widgets, creating a personalized dashboard layout. It offers interactive and detailed reports such as revenue, orders, and product performance, all presented in an intuitive and customizable dashboard. some store owners may find the default WooCommerce dashboard lacking in certain areas or not fully aligned with their specific needs. In such cases, they can turn to various plugins available to enhance their WooCommerce dashboard experience.


These are just a few examples of popular WooCommerce dashboard plugins. Depending on your specific needs, you can find many more options in the WordPress plugin repository. The right combination of plugins can empower you to efficiently manage and monitor your WooCommerce store, ultimately helping you make informed decisions to grow your online business.

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