Roof upcycling: From jute sacks to insulating fleece

Roof upcycling: From jute sacks to insulating fleece

Jute is a true all-purpose material: The natural material is mostly utilized to extract fibers for carpets, paper, and the well-known jute bag. Natural fiber is also an excellent choice for flat roof ecological insulation because it is fully biodegradable, water-absorbent, and extremely durable. But how does jute insulation work? Contact our expert flat roof contractor NYC.

No new natural fibers are required to make insulating products from jute fibers. Instead, jute sacks previously used to transport cocoa or coffee beans are used. The used bags are usually burned in an incinerator. They can, however, be “upcycled” again in a fiber processing factory, where the jute bags are shredded first and then processed into high-quality fibers.

After cleaning, the fibers are blended with a binding agent and a fire-prevention mineral. As a result, a fleece that can be utilized as a natural insulation material has been created.

Jute can be utilized as an insulator in several ways.

Jute fleeces and insulating mats are fairly simple to process. The material is quite simple to cut and fit. It is not necessary to use a face mask or protective clothes when using it because it is not harmful to health. “Jute mats are ideal for roof insulation,” adds our experienced roofer, who is part of the Empire Gen Construction management team. “No matter whether for over-rafter, under-rafter, or between-rafter insulation.”

After cleaning, the fibers are blended with a binding agent and a fire-prevention mineral. As a result, a fleece that can be utilized as a natural insulation material has been created.

Jute is only slightly more expensive than traditional insulation materials, but it is less expensive than the natural insulating material hemp.

In both summer and winter, the indoor climate is pleasant.

Because of its low thermal conductivity, jute is an excellent heat barrier, especially during the hot summer months: “When compared to conventional insulation materials like glass wool, the natural insulation material keeps the heat under the roof at bay all day long,” our professional Masonry Contractors NYC states. Furthermore, jute fiber absorbs and releases moisture very efficiently, ensuring a healthy indoor atmosphere. The natural insulation material is non-toxic, biodegradable, and free of hazardous substances.

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