Effective Ways to Cure Migraine Naturally in Minneapolis

Effective Ways to Cure Migraine Naturally in Minneapolis

A migraine is a severe headache that can last for hours on end. It’s so bad that it can keep you from doing the things you love, like working and spending time with your loved ones. The good news is there are natural ways to cure migraines that are more effective than medications—and don’t have any of their side effects!

Get a good night’s sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is an important part of your Cure Migraine Naturally in Minneapolis. Sleep is the time when you rest and recover, so it’s vital that you get enough sleep each night. If you don’t get enough restorative sleep, your body won’t be able to repair itself or digest food properly.

Sleep also helps process emotions that may be causing stress in your life (like work issues or relationship problems). When we’re awake too long without taking breaks from thinking about these things, it can lead to headaches or other health problems like depression or anxiety disorders.[1]

The amount of sleep that people need varies depending on their age: infants need up to 18 hours per day; children between ages 1-5 need 12-14 hours; school-aged children require 10-11 hours per night; adolescents require 9-10 hours per night; adults should aim for 7-8 hours each night.[2] However, these guidelines are just averages–you might need more than this if you have other responsibilities such as parenting young children at home with no help from others nearby!

Avoid triggers

The most effective way to prevent migraines is by avoiding triggers. Certain foods, drinks and activities can trigger a migraine in some people. For example:

  • Avoiding bright lights and loud noises can help reduce the frequency of your headaches.
  • If you know that certain foods trigger your migraines, try eliminating those items from your diet until the pain goes away completely (or at least decreases).
  • If hormonal changes are causing severe headaches during certain times of the month, talk with a doctor about medications that may help ease symptoms until they pass

Take a warm shower or bath

Taking a warm shower or bath can help to relax your muscles, reduce inflammation and open up blood vessels. It also helps to relieve pain and nausea as well as improve circulation.

Use essential oils

  • Use a diffuser.
  • Use a roller bottle.
  • Use a spray bottle.
  • Drop one or two drops on your tongue and swish it around in your mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing it, or just put one or two drops directly under your tongue (don’t swallow). You can also place a drop in each nostril and inhale through both sides of the nose, holding each breath as long as possible while concentrating on relaxing the muscles around your eyes and jaw line until they feel relaxed again–this is called “clearing” out any congestion that might be causing pain! If you have sinus headaches too, try placing 2-4 drops in hot water with honey for an instant steam treatment!

Drink peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is a natural remedy for headaches and migraines. It can be made with fresh or dried leaves, and it’s best to use peppermint tea bags. You can drink the tea hot or cold, depending on what works best for your body at that time. If you’re using loose leaf peppermint leaves, then use about 3 tablespoons of them per cup of water (1/2 cup). Steep for 10 minutes before drinking; this should yield about 2-3 cups worth of potent peppermint goodness!

If you don’t have any fresh leaves on hand but still want some relief from those painful headaches? Then try making a compress out of dried ones instead! Simply add about 1 Tbsp worth into some boiling water until fully dissolved–then let cool down enough before applying directly onto forehead area using an ice pack wrapped in cloths soaked in warm water (to avoid burning yourself).

These migraine treatments can help you feel better fast.

  • Get enough sleep.
  • Avoid triggers.
  • Use essential oils and herbs, like peppermint and ginger, to help with symptoms of migraine headaches. You can also try drinking peppermint tea or taking an over-the-counter medication like ibuprofen (Advil) or acetaminophen (Tylenol).


We hope you’ve found some useful information here. We know how frustrating migraines can be, but we also know there are plenty of ways to treat them naturally. If you’re looking for more tips on how to manage your symptoms and prevent future headaches, check out our other articles on this topic.

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