Manchester United winger Antony Dropped From Brazil Squad

Manchester United winger Antony Dropped From Brazil Squad

Antony has been removed from Brazil after allegations of domestic assault surfaced against him from Gabriela Cavallin, his ex-partner and current partner in life. Gabriela shared photos and texts purporting to show Antony hitting her, according to Gabriela Cavallin’s claims.

She claims one incident left her with a head wound and damaged silicone breast implant, and Greater Manchester Police confirmed they are aware of these allegations.

Manchester United winger Antony withdrawn from Brazil squad

Manchester United have been embroiled in another domestic violence controversy after Brazil fired winger Antony over allegations of physical aggression. Gabriela Cavallin, a social media influencer claims Antony headbutted her and punched her in the chest on January 15 at Manchester hotel room, leading her to require corrective surgery for damage done to silicone breast implant and taking away passport. Gabriela further alleges he threw glass at her as well.

She filed reports with both Sao Paulo and Greater Manchester police departments, who state their investigations are currently in progress. Additionally, she published photographs and screenshots of text messages online as evidence against these parties.

CBF officials announced yesterday that Antony has been removed from Brazil’s World Cup qualifying squad against Bolivia and Peru, with Arsenal’s Gabriel Jesus called up as his replacement. They claim this action is being taken to safeguard ‘alleged victim, player, and team. Antony denied all allegations made against him; although his relationship with Cavallin may have been difficult at times he never engaged in physical aggression against Cavallin or anyone else.

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Gabriela Cavallin’s allegations

Manchester United winger Antony has denied accusations of physical aggression made against him by Gabriela Cavallin, his ex-partner who claims she was subject to assaults between June 2022 and May 2023 by Antony. Gabriela filed complaints in both Brazil and Greater Manchester and provided evidence including photographs and WhatsApp messages to Brazilian website UOL in support of her claims.

Cavallin claims she and Antony began dating shortly before his move from Ajax to Manchester United for an estimated PS82 million fee in late 2021. Initially, she alleges he would often attack her during their early stages together; at times even threatening to throw her out of his car at high speeds.

Cavallin claimed in a television interview that her relationship with Antony was toxic and often made her feel threatened, filing police reports both in Brazil and England to document this abuse. With Antony not available for Brazil’s World Cup qualifiers against Bolivia and Peru, Arsenal forward Gabriel Jesus has been called up as his replacement to replace Antony on national duty for World Cup qualifying matches against Bolivia and Peru.

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Police investigations

Brazil have decided not to include Manchester United winger Antony in their squad for two upcoming World Cup qualifiers after his former partner made fresh allegations of domestic abuse against him. DJ and influencer Gabriela Cavallin made claims of physical abuse on January 15 in an interview with Brazilian media outlet UOL, alleging Antony had headbutted her in Manchester hotel room, damaging her breast implants in an act that occurred several hours earlier than scheduled.

She alleges that former Ajax Amsterdam player threatened to force her out of a car at high speed in another incident and headbutted her during their holiday trip in June 2022. Additionally, he punched her in the chest causing one of her silicone breast implants to dislodge.

Antony has denied allegations of physical aggression and said he trusts ongoing police investigations to reveal the truth. For games against Bolivia and Peru, Arsenal striker Gabriel Jesus will replace Antony in the national team. Greater Manchester Police confirmed they are aware of these claims, with investigations currently taking place into them.

Manchester United’s response

Cavallin asserts in an interview published Monday by Brazilian outlet UOL that Manchester United winger Antony has assaulted her on four separate occasions, even while pregnant, and that this assault resulted in injuries to her head and fingers as well as being cut by glass thrown by Antony.

This 23-year-old has strongly refuted Cavallin’s accusations and believes that police investigations will ultimately prove his innocence. Additionally, he denies the existence of texts and audio recordings mentioned by Cavallin.

Meanwhile, Manchester United have released a statement which condemns any form of violence and will make no further comments until “all facts have been established”. Women’s Aid told Sportsmail it expects donations and direct debits to increase as a result of Greenwood’s story; their chief executive Farah Nazeer stated that everyone would be watching how Manchester United and FA respond.

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