Octane Render Daz Studio Plugin Rapidshare

Octane Render Daz Studio Plugin Rapidshare

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Octane Render Daz Studio Plugin Rapidshare

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Nova Scotia to assess communities to see if pot dispensaries are needed

The Nova Scotia government says it’s assessing communities to see if medicinal marijuana dispensaries are needed, and if so what kinds of dispensaries would be best.

Citing a month-long public consultation that concluded on Dec. 2, Health Minister Randy Delorey says the province is watching where cannabis is being used and whether dispensaries should be required.

“Since we can’t predict where cannabis might be used in the future, we are looking for safety standards to ensure that all use of cannabis is done responsibly,” Delorey wrote in a Dec. 3 release.

“This public consultation will help us to determine where there may be a need for additional facilities. We recognize the important role these facilities play in the responsible use of cannabis.”

The consultation was launched last fall after the federal government proposed creating new regulations allowing for the sale of non-medical cannabis, which contains THC — the chemical that gets people high.

In November, the provincial government said they would hold a vote on whether to allow private retailers to sell non-medical cannabis once Ottawa begins accepting the ballot question next spring.

Pot would still be prohibited in areas under provincial jurisdiction, including schools and places of employment.

These places were later clarified to include parks, government-run daycares and licensed child care centres.

Delorey said these places and cannabis-related businesses are already subject to safety regulations, so adding dispensaries would be a duplication.

“The risks of cannabis misuse are well known and there are good ways to store the drug so as to protect community interests,” he said in a statement.

“We will be making recommendations to the federal government on how to safely legalize cannabis and ensure it’s not abused, used in unsafe ways, or trafficked in a manner that harms people.”

Earlier this year, Justice Minister Mark Furey said the province has no plans to open cannabis retail stores or grow facilities.

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The Weed the Nova Scotia cannabis legalization page also has more information. the same idea as Lean Startup where you use both the software development knowledge









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