CRISPR CopyFund on eToro

CRISPR CopyFund on eToro

  • Posted: May 02, 2018
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In modern times, such advances have a financial aspect apart from the human benefits. This is because global recognition increases investments and adaptations of new technologies.CRISPR stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats and it is one of the latest scientific breakthroughs that holds the potential to significantly affect our lives. This gives modern medicine the ability to alter a person’s genes to treat diseases by getting rid of them or even to change physical features.


As such, there is a massive investment opportunity in CRISPR as it might show significant growthover time. However, investing in a market segment comes with its own challenges. This is especially true if you are not familiar with what you are investing in. Therefore, new markets call for additional research, staying up to date on recent changes and assessing the risk associated with the investments. To make things easier, the eToro platform has created the CRISPR CopyFund which aims to provide a well-managed, diverse, long-term investment portfolio.


What is CRISPR CopyFund?


The CRISPR CopyFunds is composed of stocks from companies relating to the technology in several ways. These include research-focused companies focusing on figuring out ways to implement this technology into modern medicine and even companies that create devices allowing this technology to be used and properly tested. All of these companies carry the same weight on the eToro platform. Below are some of the main companies that are incorporated within the CRISPR CopyFund:


1. An American company, Editas Medicine, dedicated to preparing and clinically testing the CRISPR technology to treat a rare disease known as Level Congenital Amaurosis (LCA). LCA is a rare genetic disease known to cause blindness, so genetic modification allowed by the CRISPR technology will create breakthroughs in treating the disease.


2. A former division of HP, Aligent Technologies, focuses primarily on creating and developing both software and analytical instruments for laboratories all over the world. The company is a key player when it comes to CRISPR, as it helps in creating various diagnostic tools, as well as helping other companies carry out research in gene editing.


3. Sangamo is a veteran in the field. The company has 20 years of experience in gene-related treatments and is currently working ways to render a normal human immune to the HIV virus.


4. Merck: One of the world’s largest medicine manufactures is also deeply involved in the CRISPR The company has even designed DNA scissors.


5. Last but not least, Cellectis, a French company that employs gene-editing technology for developing cancer cures. They use CRISPR technology to modify T cells from healthy donors in such a way, to prevent rejection by a recipient’s body. These genetically modified cells are then introduced into a patient’s body and then destroy leukemia cells. This makes them a significant contender in the CRISPR market.


Why you should invest:


Investing in the CRISPR CopyFund is not only easy but has shown great success in recent years. The eToro platform promises their investment committee is in charge of managing it and will rebalance it as per the current industry.


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