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  • Everything You Need to Know about Popular Investor Program on eToro

    Everything You Need to Know about Popular Investor Program on eToro

    • Posted: Aug 09, 2018
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    eToro’s Investor program is not new. They launched it many years ago. But the surprise is this program is still as much popular as it was in its early days. How,you asked? First of all, the program is a good initiative to keep top traders engaged and secondly, and eToro has brought some updates to the program since its launch. That’s why people are still into it.


    What is this Popular Investor program?


    eToro planned their business model based on their traders’ financial success. That’s why when their clients win, eToro wins.


    eToro constantly encourages their top achievers to share their experience, knowledge, and wisdom. In return, they get rewards depending on the followers each trader gets.


    With a spread rebate of up to 100 percent, a percentage of their AUM or Assets Under Management, and regular monthly payments, eToro’s popular investor program is a great opportunity for successful, experienced, and top-followed traders to earn a great deal by sharing their knowledge, success, and wisdom.


    Eligibility to Join


    • First of all, the trader needs to have a socially connected and verified trading account. The socially connected accounts are regular eToro accounts with an additional linking to the trader’s social profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


    • But only having a verified and socially connected account won’t help you unless you have at least three months of trading experience. The time will be counted after you made your first funding to your eToro verified and socially connected trading account.


    • The trader must have at least ten copiers at the time of this application.


    • The applicant trader also needs to share his/her personal details like real name, genuine photograph, and some other basic information in the eToro OpenBook profile.


    How does the Program work?


    The popular investor won’t have to convert his/her eToro credits. Investors under this program will directly receive cash fund that they can withdraw at any time. He/she can withdraw the cash by any chosen method via the eToro trading account.


    There is actually no minimum trading limits for each month. However, a position must’ve been either created during a calendar month or it would have been carried over from the previous month.


    At the beginning of the very first week of the month, eToro will pay the popular investors. They will be paid according to their average number of qualified copiers, which they had on a daily basis, the previous month. Here, a qualified copier is a trader who copied at the midnight GMT per day and has a minimum $100 of unrealized equity that includes the P&L of any opened position.


    The payments for popular investor program depends on 2 different factors. One, number of the average daily qualified copier, two, the number profitable time slots out of these 4 investment periods: last twelve months, last six months, last three months, and last month. If the investor gets three profitable periods or more, eToro will pay him according to the “Top” amount. Otherwise, the trader will be paid according to the “Basic” amount.


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  • Everything You Need To Know About Withdrawing From eToro

    Everything You Need To Know About Withdrawing From eToro

    • Posted: Jul 05, 2018
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    eToro’s withdrawal system is comparatively simple and easy. But there are some basic queries that every new trader and a to-be trader sometimes has.


    I’m going to answer them all.


    When can a trader withdraw from his account?


    If you are a registered trader at eToro you can do it anytime you want. There is no time restriction for the withdrawal process.


    How much can you withdraw?


    You need to keep at-least the margin amount on your account. The rest is open to the trader for withdrawal.


    Here are some of the basic conditions that a trader needs to fulfill before he can request a withdrawal.


    1. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50. A trader cannot request a withdrawal less than $50.
    2. The account must be verified. There will be a green tick mark to indicate whether your account is verified or not. If it is not verified, contact their support team and upload the required documents for verification.


    What Withdrawal Methods are supported by eToro?


    Funds in eToro are deposited by three popular methods. These include Credit cards, PayPal account, and Bank transfers. For withdrawal, the same three methods can be used. But it is advised for the traders to use the exact same method for withdrawal that is used for the deposit. For example, if a trader uses PayPal to deposit $500, PayPal should be used for the withdrawal.


    But eToro asks for an alternative withdrawal method for cases where the first withdrawal method isn’t available anymore.


    How much time does it take to process the withdrawal request?


    Once a withdrawal request is received, it goes to eToro for evaluation. After checking all the information the request gets processed. In most cases, the request is processed within 1 business day.


    When will the fund add to my account?


    After the request is processed, it usually takes sometime before the fund is added to your given account. Mainly the time varies from the payment provider to another payment provider.


    For China Union pay, it usually takes up to 2 business days before the funds are available to your account. For both credit card and debit card, the time is 5 working days at most. For online payment providers like, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and WebMoney, the usual time to reach the fund is 1-2 business days. But for wire transfers, it may take up to 5 business days.


    What are the withdrawal charges?


    For every withdrawal from eToro trading account, there is a fee and it is $25. But if the withdrawal is not in US Dollars, there will be an additional currency exchange fee added to the total $25.


    When do you know if your request for withdrawal has been accepted or processed?


    There are two ways you can check whether your payment request has been processed or not. First of all, you can check your email inbox for a mail regarding the withdrawal request, which will also include which payment provider you chose. You can also check the request status by clicking on the portfolio tab. Then click on history where you’ll see the withdrawal status.


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  • Why Should You Invest in CopyFunds at eToro?

    Why Should You Invest in CopyFunds at eToro?

    • Posted: Jun 14, 2018
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    CopyTrading is an interesting concept at eToro and they have certainly attracted people into trading with this feature. But there are CopyTrading and then there are CopyFunds. Both might seem similar to one another, and they are, as a concept. However, while they have a similar concept of copyingsuccessful traders, they are not exactly the same.


    So, why would anyone want to invest in CopyFunds, when they have the option to copy any trader he or she likes?


    First, let us see what eToro has to say about their CopyFunds.


    According to eToro, CopyFunds is their next generation investing product.


    In case you are wondering, it is not trading that they are promoting in the world with CopyFunds, they are talking about investing. Why is that?


    Well, when you go to stocks or crypts at eToro’s site, you’ll see the option of trading as “Trade.” But it is not the case for CopyFunds. It is shown as “Invest” on their website.


    So why “Invest”? If you understand the answer to this question, you’ll know why you should invest in CopyFunds.


    First of all, CopyFunds is like a container where different assets of the same industry are there for you to invest in. For example, if you are investing in a Gaming Fund, that means, the gaming fund will have assets of gaming related companies like Nvidia, EA, etc. But the companies will not have an equal amount of assetsin the fund. There will be some Fund managers who will decide the ratio of different companies’ involvement. For example, in a fund of Cryptos, Bitcoin may have the larger amount of the shares than Litecoin, Etherium,and others. This is because the Bitcoin’s future is safer than other cryptos.


    This is where the answer of “Invest” instead of “Trade” comes in.


    When you are investing in a single asset like a stock, Crypto, gold, oil, etc. at eToro, you are accepting the risk of losing your money when the asset falls down. Again, when the asset is gaining, you are also profiting from it. But the states of those assets are temporary and that’s why it’s called trading.


    But when you put your money on the CopyFunds, you are doing it for a longer period. The overall state of an industry won’t fluctuate as much as a single company. This is because the assets in a fund are balanced out properly to reduce risk score so that when one company falls, it doesn’t affect your money that harshly. You will have lower chances of losing a big amount. This also means that you won’t make an immense amount of profit either because when one company does well,another might not be in that great of a position. So on average, you are not doing that good or that bad.


    This is why CopyFund is like investing in a business, not like trading in the casino. That’s why you see “Invest” instead of “Trade” in eToro’s site. And this is the reason why you should invest in CopyFunds. Because at the end of the day, you will have lower chances of losing a large amount of money with CopyFunds, which means your money will be safeguarded well.


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  • Everything You Need to Know About CopyFunds on Etoro

    Everything You Need to Know About CopyFunds on Etoro

    • Posted: May 31, 2018
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    eToro has become one of the best social trading platforms. This is not because they do marketing like no other. I know they do,but marketing was never the strong point for eToro like XM. They do believe in marketing, but don’t rely on only the marketing bits to draw attention. Instead, they are mostly dedicated to inventing newer ways to serve their clients to help them reach maximum profit with their invested amount. CopyFunds is one of those biggest next-generation investment products from eToro.  So, what is it?



    What is CopyFunds?


    As mentioned before, CopyFunds is a product for the next generation of trading designed by the leading traders and the hardworking team of eToro. Since their establishment in 2007, eToro planned to bring something this revolutionary and introduce it to their clients. Finally, they have.


    CopyFunds groups the successful investors from eToro together and then constantly makes newer adjustments to optimize their funds for maximum profit. Unlike ETFs or indices, CopyFunds are solely based on the collective wisdom of a few investors or traders who are active on the trading platform and have shown some impressive results. Just like any other funds, CopyFunds is composed of multiple elements and adds more stability, which leads to a lower risk as a financial instrument.


    This innovative financial tool is definitely brand-new and each of the funds is traded just like any other and it is managed by a sophisticated and optimized algorithm.


    CopyFunds aims to help the investor to minimize long-term risk and promote opportunities for growth. This is done by taking Copy Trading to the upper level and by creating diversified investments.


    Types of CopyFunds


    There are 2 types of CopyFunds that you can invest in –


    1. Top Trader CopyFunds
    2. Market CopyFunds


    First one, which is Top Trader CopyFunds, comprises the most sustainable and best performing traders on eToro platform.


    On the other hand, Market CopyFunds is just a bundle of CFD stocks, ETFs or commodities under one single chosen market strategy.


    Get started with CopyFunds


    With just three steps, a user of eToro can invest in Copy Funds.


    Step one: Choosing the CopyFunds


    First, you need to choose the CopyFunds that are suitable for your needs. You have two different types of CopyFunds to choose from. Top Trader CopyFunds and the Market CopyFunds.


    Step two: Choosing the amount


    Then you need to choose the ideal amount that you are confident to invest. Don’t go with a big amount if you are not confident.


    Step three: Finish it with one click


    Now that you have chosen your suitable CopyFunds type and entered the amount, all you need is a click on a button to get started with CopyFunds.


    The Next Gen. Portfolio


    Once you are done investing in CopyFunds, get your couch ready to rest because your capital is being managed professionally by eToro’s own investment committee.


    Now that you know everything about eToro’s next-generation trading product, this is your time to invest. But don’t forget to contact their customer support if you find any complications while investing.

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  • CRISPR CopyFund on eToro

    CRISPR CopyFund on eToro

    • Posted: May 02, 2018
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    In modern times, such advances have a financial aspect apart from the human benefits. This is because global recognition increases investments and adaptations of new technologies.CRISPR stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats and it is one of the latest scientific breakthroughs that holds the potential to significantly affect our lives. This gives modern medicine the ability to alter a person’s genes to treat diseases by getting rid of them or even to change physical features.


    As such, there is a massive investment opportunity in CRISPR as it might show significant growthover time. However, investing in a market segment comes with its own challenges. This is especially true if you are not familiar with what you are investing in. Therefore, new markets call for additional research, staying up to date on recent changes and assessing the risk associated with the investments. To make things easier, the eToro platform has created the CRISPR CopyFund which aims to provide a well-managed, diverse, long-term investment portfolio.


    What is CRISPR CopyFund?


    The CRISPR CopyFunds is composed of stocks from companies relating to the technology in several ways. These include research-focused companies focusing on figuring out ways to implement this technology into modern medicine and even companies that create devices allowing this technology to be used and properly tested. All of these companies carry the same weight on the eToro platform. Below are some of the main companies that are incorporated within the CRISPR CopyFund:


    1. An American company, Editas Medicine, dedicated to preparing and clinically testing the CRISPR technology to treat a rare disease known as Level Congenital Amaurosis (LCA). LCA is a rare genetic disease known to cause blindness, so genetic modification allowed by the CRISPR technology will create breakthroughs in treating the disease.


    2. A former division of HP, Aligent Technologies, focuses primarily on creating and developing both software and analytical instruments for laboratories all over the world. The company is a key player when it comes to CRISPR, as it helps in creating various diagnostic tools, as well as helping other companies carry out research in gene editing.


    3. Sangamo is a veteran in the field. The company has 20 years of experience in gene-related treatments and is currently working ways to render a normal human immune to the HIV virus.


    4. Merck: One of the world’s largest medicine manufactures is also deeply involved in the CRISPR The company has even designed DNA scissors.


    5. Last but not least, Cellectis, a French company that employs gene-editing technology for developing cancer cures. They use CRISPR technology to modify T cells from healthy donors in such a way, to prevent rejection by a recipient’s body. These genetically modified cells are then introduced into a patient’s body and then destroy leukemia cells. This makes them a significant contender in the CRISPR market.


    Why you should invest:


    Investing in the CRISPR CopyFund is not only easy but has shown great success in recent years. The eToro platform promises their investment committee is in charge of managing it and will rebalance it as per the current industry.


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  • eToroCopyTrader Explained

    eToroCopyTrader Explained

    • Posted: Apr 09, 2018
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    For new traders, the world of trading is like a puzzle. You don’t know what to do or how to do. That’s why they often make many mistakes and takes wrong decisions.


    But eToro got them covered.


    For newcomers in trading, eToro has CopyTrading system. Basically, CopyTrading is a system for newcomers and inexperienced traders to see, analyze, and copy the experienced and successful traders. This social feature is one of the many reasons why traders consider it as a unique platform for trading.


    How does CopyTrade Work?


    CopyTrade system is easy and simple to use because only the newcomers in trading will use this. That’s why it is important that the entire process is easy and eToro ensured that.


    I’m going to divide the entire process of copying someone else’s trading into 3 parts. Choosing who to follow, adjusting the amount of investment, and following in real time.


    Choosing who to follow: There will be many successful traders who statistics, trading, and strategy will impress you. But you shouldn’t be that quick to choose someone because this decision of your will affect your account and investment. If you rush, you can end up following someone who is not the number 1 trader you became across. To make sure you are following the right person, see their stats deeply. Don’t overlook any small details. See the analysis of their trading. Only when you are convinced with the stats and his skill, you are ready to follow his trading.


    You can also copy multiple traders if you want. But eToro limited the number to 100, which is more than enough.


    Adjust the amount of investment: Once you are done choosing someone to follow, it is time to set up the amount of investment. Remember, this is a crucial decision. If your strategy isn’t full-proof, it is best that you invest a small amount rather than betting all your stakes at once. But if you are confident about your copied trader and his strategy, you can go big and invest a good sum. But there are some restrictions from eToro about copying traders and investing. First of all, you will have to invest minimum $100 in a trader. And $500,00 is the highest amount that you can invest in one trader. Besides, the minimum amount for a copied trade is one dollar.


    When you manually close the copied trade, you get the amount from this position as credit in your copy balance.


    Start following in real time with one click: The hard part is done. Now you can start copying their trades with only one click. From now on whenever the copied trader makes any move, it gets copied into your account in real time. That’s why you are doing the same as your favorite trader.


     Bottom Line


    CopyTrading is one of the most important features that highlights eToro over any other trading platform. This is a useful and handy feature for everyone who is on this platform, especially the newcomers who are not well-aware of the behaviors of the trading world.

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