A demo trading account replicates a real live forex account without the risk of actual capital loss. It provides a safe environment for beginners and seasoned traders alike to; learn, practice and experiment with different trading strategies. For veteran traders of other markets, a demo forex account builds knowledge with the workings and the particular characteristics of the forex market. The practice account is designed to acquaint the trader with the features and tools offered by the brokerage’s trading platform while enabling the testing of trade strategies in a risk-free environment.


Demo trading accounts are one of the most important tools any trader will ever use. Demo accounts are a very important initial step towards choosing a brokerage to open a real account with. The trader is able to easily open a demo account and experience the brokerage’s platform layout first hand without the risk of capital loss. To be a successful trader, you must train under actual market conditions including:


• Experiencing real-time rates and actual volatility.
• Using a professional trading interface.
• The ability to trade gold and silver, in addition to trading 60+ currency pairs, allowing the experimentation of trading in emerging markets.
• The capability to test any trading strategy using modifiable trade sizes.


A demo forex account will assist the trader in becoming a better strategist in addition to learning the basics of the currency market through actual trading experience. The investor will evaluate the quality of the broker prior to depositing actual funds. Traders will learn how the platform functions through; buying and selling, performing technical analysis and generating trend lines in the charts.


Becoming a successful forex trader requires real market training. A demo forex account provides a number of benefits to assist both beginners and experienced traders alike. They include:


• Learning the basics of forex along with how to follow a market and execute trades
• A virtual balance when you open the account
• Unlimited account usage
• Ability to trade with multiple platforms
• Real market conditions
• Risk-free real market experience


Demo trading accounts are designed to closely simulate a real forex trading environment. This will provide the trader with a smooth transition to a live trading account. Demo accounts are very easy to setup. They do not require any documents or financial information. Just click any demo banner from this page and open an account within seconds!

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