How To Properly Hang Kitchen Cabinets On The Wall

How To Properly Hang Kitchen Cabinets On The Wall

One of the stages of installing a kitchen unit is installing its upper part. Wall mounting has its own nuances and basic rules that are important to consider. In our article we will tell you how to hang the upper cabinets in the kitchen so that using the furniture is pleasant and safe.

Installation Rules

The upper tier usually contains closed cabinets with utensils, glass display cases, and open shelves. Ideally, all these elements should be located evenly, without gaps or distortions. Incorrect installation may make it impossible to adjust the position of the cabinets. Correct installation also means ease of use of the headset and a guarantee of safety. Properly secured cabinets will not fall down with all their contents.

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Before hanging cabinets in your kitchen, study the following rules.

  • The height of the suspension is selected personally for the owners. It is necessary to take into account the height of each family member so that he can comfortably use the headset and have access to all shelves. On average, the hanging height of the upper tier ranges from 135 to 155 centimeters from the floor level. The distance from the tabletop to the module is 45 – 60 centimeters.
  • The upper cabinets should not cover the ventilation shaft openings.
  • There is no need to skimp on mounting hardware. This is a security issue.
  • The mounting method should take into account the features of the wall and the planned load on the furniture modules.
  • The hanging elements should be flush with the pencil cases so that the set looks like a single whole. Thus, it is better to plan the height of the suspension in advance, when preparing a design project.

How to prepare walls

If furniture is installed in a new apartment, then assembly is planned after finishing. When replacing an old headset with a new one, you should make sure that the walls are smooth. Otherwise, before hanging the kitchen on the wall, it is important to level the surface using putty or gypsum board. The curvature must be controlled by the building level. Only then is the correct arrangement of wall-mounted kitchen modules possible.

Many people are interested in the question of how to properly hang cabinets in the kitchen – after installing the apron or before it. A tile backsplash can be installed both before and after the installation of cabinets. Laying tiles before installing kitchen modules is less labor-intensive and without the risk of damaging new furniture. But if you lay down the apron after installing the headset, you can refuse to use the corners and get by with thin sealing of the seam. It is important that the master has similar work experience, because maximum precision and accuracy will be required.

Before hanging cabinets in the kitchen, markings are applied to the wall. Using a pencil, draw the upper and lower lines for the location of the modules. Then the places for fixing the fasteners are marked.

What types of fastenings are there?

The choice of fittings should take into account the type of walls and the weight of future cabinets along with the contents. There are three main types of fastening.


This method uses a furniture loop or “eye” known from Soviet times. Metal plates with holes are attached to the cabinets and then attached to screws screwed into the wall. This type of fastening is inexpensive and provides a good fit to the surface. This is where the advantages end. To hang the cabinets in a perfectly straight line this way, you will have to tinker. It is no longer possible to adjust them after installation.

Before hanging a wall cabinet in the kitchen using furniture hinges, get a partner. To complete the work, you will need a large number of “fittings” – you cannot do it alone. In addition, it is better not to fill the shelves in such modules to capacity, since their carrying capacity is limited fasteners are marked.


In fact, this is a type of furniture hinge, but curved at a right angle. They are somewhat more secure than lug mounts and can be slightly adjusted. How to hang kitchen cabinets on the wall using corners? Actually, the same as for loops. We attach the fittings to the furniture and fix them with screws. In this case, you will also need an assistant for work.

It is important to understand that corners, although they are a more reliable option, are, as a rule, also made of inexpensive material. They are not immune to corrosion and have a limited service life.

Mounting rail

This is the most modern, fastest and most reliable method of fastening. An experienced master can handle it alone. The rail consists of two main parts: a metal strip for the wall and special canopies with hooks. The plank on the wall is selected according to the width of the cabinets and is fixed to the surface with self-tapping screws. The canopies are fixed in the upper corners of the modules. All that remains is to hang the cabinets on the bar, check the levels and gaps.

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If necessary, the location of the modules on the rail can be adjusted. The disadvantages of this type of fastening are the higher price of the fittings and the need to use a jigsaw to cut the strip to the required length.

How to properly hang a kitchen on drywall

Gypsum board is a capricious material that is prone to breaking and crumbling. The situation is similar with foam blocks. Standard fastening methods will not work here – the fragile wall will not withstand the load.

There are several tricks used here:

  • You can secure the rail with anchors, which will reach the main wall through a layer of plasterboard or foam concrete
  • “Butterfly” dowels are also suitable for drywall, which open when screwed in and evenly distribute the load on the sheet.
  • Rack fittings can be fixed to the metal frame of a plaster wall.


As we have already said, the method of attaching kitchen awnings is not a budget item on which you should save. The optimal solution would be to hang the cabinets in the kitchen on a strip and be confident in the reliability of the hanging, the safety of the set and the long service life of the installed furniture.

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