Top Immersive Adventures: Kid-Friendly VR Games

Top Immersive Adventures: Kid-Friendly VR Games

Virtual reality has revolutionized the gaming industry for kids and adults alike. Kid-friendly VR games are trending, providing the best immersive adventures in three dimensions. Kids are engaged in virtual gaming to learn new experiences and develop a unique understanding of the world. A VR system combines 3-D and goggles, along with other accessories. Children are fascinated by this gaming dynamic and are excited to play their favorite VR games for an enjoyable experience.

Top 6 Kid-Friendly Immersive VR Games

Over the years, there has been high competition among the VR games of different genres. Some kids like to enjoy horror, while others prefer adrenaline-style VR games. However, some VR games have exceeded everybody’s expectations by remaining relevant during all this time and passing the test of time. This article highlights the top VR games that provide immersive adventures for kids.

1. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja has always been a fan-favorite VR game among children and adults. Due to its simple mechanics, people of all ages love to play this game. The emergence of VR technology has enabled us to experience this exciting game in a virtual setting. The gamers need to wear a VR headset to play this game.

The game involves swinging your arms to cut the fruits in a 3-D environment rather than sliding your finger, as in the smartphone version.  The game is readily available to play in Dubai’s Play DXB, so if you also crave to play this amusing game, get Play DXB tickets to enjoy Fruit Ninja today.

2. Beat Saber

The main goal of the VR Beat Saber is to slash the beats coming at the players. These beats are represented in the form of tiny cubes. Each beat guides you on which saber you must use and which direction you should match. Every part of the music has been intricately inscribed to the handcrafted levels.

The game’s primary focus is to have the players virtually dance while cutting the cubes and avoiding the obstacles. Each cut’s rhyme is vocalized with the help of pleasing sound and visual effects.

3. Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift has simple controls, and the game has very beautiful and creative visuals. It is a game that is enjoyable for all ages. It can be annoying or frustrating at times, just like the mini-golf.

The given courses are hard yet exciting, but the game’s construction course options provide a high level of replay value that adds to the game’s beauty.  The game also has a feature to provide access to your course to the entire globe. Similarly, you can also use courses made by other users.

4. Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush is a 3D VR paint program that lets you create three-dimensional artwork. Three-dimensional objects can be designed and scaled up or down, walked around, modified, or whatever else comes to mind. Furthermore, you do not need to use standard brushes. You can paint with anything, including fire, smoke, neon lights, electricity, etc.

Tilt Brush has many possible outcomes that you could play for hours. The controls become instinctive and second nature after a short period of use. Your only constraint after becoming familiar with the controls is your imagination.

5. Astro Bot

The 2018 platform game Astro Bot Rescue Mission was developed by the Team Asobi division of Japan Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4’s PlayStation VR headset.

In the game, the player pairs up with Captain Astro and sets off to locate and return his crew, dispersed across several worlds. The robot characters initially appeared in The Playroom, where they were first shown as robots that lived inside the DualShock 4 controller.

6. Candy Kingdom

Candy Kingdom VR has transformed the on-rail shooter into a kid-friendly experience by utilizing virtual reality. Instead of appearing to be a violent game, it more closely resembles a pleasant Disney ride or a fun carnival game. The game is unexpectedly challenging and has beautiful colors. Unlike other well-known zombie shooters, its sweet world premise is unlikely to cause you nightmares.

7. Garden of the Sea

Garden of the Sea provides players with options for comfortable movements, such as snap-turning, teleportation, and smooth movement. However, there is no vignette option for those who find vignettes useful in reducing motion sickness. Additionally, seated, standing, or room-scale play is possible in Garden of the Sea.

The core gameplay cycle in Garden of the Seas consists of farming, exploring, and building. This Animal Crossing VR rendition has a simpler aesthetic. You’ll start on an island where you can practice building and farming while picking up the game’s essentials. Additionally, this will begin your quest to assemble every part of your boat so that you can engage in further exploration. So, get your Play DXB tickets right now and join the Garden of the Sea fun.

Start your Immersive Adventure Today

What are you waiting for if you also want to get a first-hand experience of these amazing interactive games? Purchase your tickets for these awesome VR games today, get rid of the boredom, and have the enjoyable experience of a lifetime.

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