The Ultimate Guide to Building a Live Streaming  in 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Live Streaming in 2023

According to forecasts made by Grand View Research, the live-streaming market will grow from $70 billion in 2021 to about $224 billion by 2028, a three-fold rise in just seven years.

Utilizing live streaming tools, businesses may share their content with a diverse audience. With the help of these apps, they can engage their customers more. 

Are you a company founder, product manager, or experienced businessperson who is interested in learning how to make a live-streaming app? 

To find out what features are essential and what tech stack is best for creating a successful live streaming service, keep reading.

A Live Streaming App: What Is It?

A live streaming app enables users to simultaneously capture and distribute videos to numerous viewers using comparable software. For instance, a streamer that broadcasts through an app needs receivers that are also using that app. There are currently a tonne of smartphone apps available for live streaming. 

Some are free streaming apps, while some are paid. The apps will let you live stream on Android as well as iOS. A few of them include Google Meet, Facebook Live, Zoom, YouTube Live, Twitch, and more!

The State of the Live Streaming Market Right Now

The market for video-streaming apps has already demonstrated a lot of promise to company owners and aspiring business owners.

The following data-based patterns show the unrealized potential of live streaming app development:

  • Over 40% of consumers have three or more subscriptions to video streaming services.
  • The value of the global live streaming business is predicted to exceed $330 billion by 2030.
  • More than 91 million people will be live streaming video by 2024.
  • Users are engaged with live videos 10–20 times longer than they are with recorded, on-demand content.

4 Types of Live Streaming Apps

Before beginning with the live streaming app development, you must know the types of live streaming apps. Here are four types of live streaming apps.

  • Apps for live broadcasting

Through this app, users can stream live audio and video recordings. A lot of internet influencers and celebrities have been born through these apps. Twitch and YouTube Live are the best examples.

  • Audio Streaming App 

It lets audio be delivered in real-time to the audience via the Internet. It includes Apple Music and Spotify.

  • Video-on-demand streaming apps 

There are no downloads or playback devices required. Viewers can now watch their preferred TV series and films whenever they want with to video-on-demand streaming or VOD. Users typically have to pay extra to access the full range of features and materials that a VOD service offers. VOD services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are the most well-known.

  • TV live streaming apps 

Streaming TV is the online equivalent of traditional broadcast television distributed over digital terrestrial, satellite, or cable routes. For cord-cutters, platforms like Hulu and YouTube TV offer an unrivaled selection of channels.

Live Streaming App’s Basic Features

These fundamental features are necessary to construct an MVP for a live broadcasting app:

User Register or Log In

A straightforward registration form allows users to set up an account and utilize that to access the app. 

Live Streaming

A live stream can be a recorded and transmitted video. It can be viewed by those who have subscribed to the channel or the general public using live streaming.


A search bar enables users to look up content by subject, level of interest, channel, location, or trending topics. 

User Profile

This will display the user’s contact information and profile picture to their friends and subscribers.

User Gallery

You can also record live streaming and store it in the gallery. The stored recordings can be arranged in the user’s profile’s user gallery.

Rating and Commenting System

It’s crucial to incorporate a commenting/rating system. It helps viewers give their feedback on the video. 

Advanced Live Streaming App Features

When you have an MVP that the users like, you can incorporate these elements into a live streaming service to enhance user experience.

Join Social Media

It eliminates the time-consuming form-filling process. It allows people to join up using their social media profile in a single click.

Extra-Long User Profile

You can go beyond the minimal requirements of a name and profile image. Include sophisticated elements like interest, personalizations, and more.

Additional Streaming Features

Consider including functions that enable more creative ways to use the app, such as filters or screen sharing.


The addition of a chat feature lets the video streamer interact in real-time with their audience. 

Additional Search Options

Expand the search parameters that are accessible. Users can, for example, look for movies nearby by specifying a search radius.


Include a more interactive feed. It allows users to more easily customize the kinds of content that are presented.


Introduce numerous subscription kinds. Give users easy access to managing them through the app.


Based on the consumers’ choices and past viewing habits, present related content to them.


Permit the app to notify the user via push notifications when interesting material is being streamed.

Technologies Used in the Development of Live Streaming Apps

Let’s now discuss the technical aspects of your project’s development.

Programming languages

Kotlin, Swift, and Java are the languages that mobile developers use to turn your company idea into a dependable, feature-rich application.

Content Delivery Network

Connect your application to a reliable content delivery network to ensure that your streams will operate at top efficiency.


Use a reliable hosting provider like Amazon EC2, which offers scalable processing power in the cloud, to meet the resource requirements of your application.

API Server

By using these, your application won’t need to start from scratch to integrate with well-known services like subscription payment gateways. 

Streaming Protocols

You can utilize both WebRTC and RTMP simultaneously. This is the best practice for live streaming app development.


You can put your information in a database like MySQL. By doing this you can have guaranteed ongoing access to a video streaming app. 

Using Push Notifications

You can use push notifications like Firebase notifications to enable battery-efficient notifications. Your app may send messages and notifications for free on iOS and Android.

Messaging Queues

Message queues like AWS Simple Queue Service enable internal communication between all software components while enabling your program to combine them into independent elements.

How OnTheFly Can Help You with Developing a Live Streaming App?

Are you looking to create your live broadcasting app? OnTheFly is the ultimate solution! With its user-friendly features, you can easily broadcast your content simultaneously on multiple social platforms. One-click broadcasting simplifies the process. You can also record live streaming and store it on the cloud. 

With OnTheFly, you can harness the power of RTMP streaming to deliver your content seamlessly. In addition, our share stage feature enables collaborative streaming with guest hosts, making your app a dynamic platform. Centralize your streaming data with our robust MetaData feature, ensuring a smooth and organized experience for both you and your users.  

Developing live streaming solutions has never been easier! OnTheFly takes the hassle out of the process. Streamlining your content to multiple platforms has never been simpler with our intuitive interface. Record and store your streams securely in the cloud, and broadcast via RTMP for a seamless experience. Collaborate with guest hosts using our Share Stage feature, making your app more interactive. With centralized streaming data through our MetaData feature, managing your streams becomes a breeze.


Now that you know how to build a live-streaming app and which platform works best for streaming video, you can better decide which to use. In this industry, business objectives and user experience must be carefully balanced.   

You’ll frequently need the help of a reliable streaming platform. To find out more about live streaming app development, contact our team.

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