Why novice traders suffer from a lack of confidence

Why novice traders suffer from a lack of confidence

  • Posted: Feb 22, 2019
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When there is too much to do in a business, people will get shocked. The most problem comes to those who are the novice in the profession. The same problem happens to the novice traders in the Forex trading business. It is so bad that the traders cannot handle the losses from their trades. In most of the cases, trades bring losses in the beginning. You may become worried about this profession right now. We might have hurt a lot of wannabe traders dream. But it is actually true that the novice traders bring more losses to their accounts. The reason is the novice traders themselves. This may sound a little bit weird but is fully true. The traders will have to think about the proper management of the trades with their performance. Most of the novice traders happen to make mistake in the exact same place. In the following of this article, we are going to talk more on that. 

Investment into the trades will have to be simple 

Probably the first mistake happens when the traders think of this profession as a conventional business. Well, it is not like that and the process of trading is different than running a normal business. The traders will have to maintain two things for proper income. In fact, the signals will be responsible for the returns. The traders will have to invest their money into the trades. When you will think about investing more in the trades will bring more income, it is totally false.  

The traders will win or lose on trends related to their (traders) long order or short order. And the change of pips will decide how much you are going to win or lose. So, there is no value of the trades bringing more income from more investment. Being in a volatile market, the traders will have to think about keeping their investment as low as possible. Then there will be less tension to lose the money. The traders will also not have to worry about proper returns. That is how you are going to be okay in the preliminary level of Forex trading. 

Not demo trading the market 

Demo trading is one of the best ways to develop your confidence level. Many new traders have changed their life by using the demo accounts offered by the Rakuten broker. It allows you to create a balanced trading strategy which eventually helps you to deal with the real market. Never jump into real trading account unless you have extensive demo trading experience. Focus on acquiring the proper knowledge of trading business and you will do fine in trading business. 

You will have to maintain the right way to a trade 

Even with very low investment, the traders can make a proper lot (trade). You will have to just think about margin trading which provides leverage to the traders. If there is about 1:100 ratio of it, you can invest $10 and open a 0.1 standard lot (1,000). Using that the traders can work very easily for the trades. But there are some more things, you will have to do for the proper signals. Basically, the traders will have to analyze the markets. Some proper things like trends, key swings, support, and resistance levels will help the traders to find proper signals for the trades. Even before that, the traders will have to select the right risk to profit margin from the trades. 

Proper choice of the trading method will help you 

Besides the right market analysis and proper stop-loss, take-profit placement, the traders will need to work on the trading method. It will define the timeframes of the trades. That will define how frequent you are going to trades. For staying safe from overtrading, the traders will have to work with long term trades like swing trading or position trading system. 

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