How Does eToro’s Popular Investor Program work?

How Does eToro’s Popular Investor Program work?

  • Posted: Aug 22, 2018
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eToro’s Popular Investor program has been the talk of the town for a while. You can say its “Popular.” no puns intended.


Why shouldn’t it be? I mean, if you are good at something and you get rewarded for it, there’s nothing that can possibly go wrong, right? eToro’s Popular Investor Program is just that.


Successful Investors get rewards depending on their followers, this might feel like an oversimplification, but this is it.


I bet you already knew that, which means you are here for the calculations and the detailed process. So, let’s begin.

How does the Program work?


Unlike other promotional offers at eToro, the popular investors won’t have to convert their eToro credits to cash. The investors under the “Popular Investor Program” will directly receive the cash fund. Investors can withdraw the fundsat any time. Also, the investors will be given some options to choose for their preferred withdrawing method via their eToro trading account.


If you were wondering about limits, there is actually no minimum trading limits for a month. But a position must’ve been either created during one calendar month or it would’ve been carried over from last month.


At the very first week of a month, eToro will reward the popular investors. The investors will be paid according to the average number of qualified copiers on their profile, which they had on a daily basis, for the last month.


Here, the qualified copiers are the traders who copied at the midnight GMT & has minimum 100 USD or equivalent EURs of unrealized equity. This includes the P&L of any opened positions. You might have noticed that we used “qualified copier.” We will explain it later.


For explaining the whole process further, let’s say John is the copied trader or investor and Simon a copier. Say Simon starts to copy John with 100 USD or equivalent Euros. Once he started copying, Simon has become a qualified copier or qualified copy-trader.


Now, John opens a few positions that Simon starts copying. It’s time for the market to show the results. Say the market is not in John’s favor and consequently Simon loses $20. At this very moment, Simon is not a qualified copier. But once again, when the market goes in John’s favor, say Simon got $45. This means it will bring up his unrealized equity to $120. From here on, Simon is a qualified copier again.


So, to be a qualified copier, the trader who is copying a popular trader, should be a gainer in anyway. The moment a copier becomes an initial loser, he/she loses the credibility of being a qualified copier.


Another important fact, the payments for popular investor program depends on two different factors. First of all, it depends on the average daily qualified copier.


Secondly, it depends on the number of profitable time periods from the following 4 investment periods, last month, last three months, last six months, and last year. From these 4, two profitable investment period means that the popular investor gets paid according to eToro’s “top” amount from their fixed chart.


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