Everything You Need to Know about Popular Investor Program on eToro

Everything You Need to Know about Popular Investor Program on eToro

  • Posted: Aug 09, 2018
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eToro’s Investor program is not new. They launched it many years ago. But the surprise is this program is still as much popular as it was in its early days. How,you asked? First of all, the program is a good initiative to keep top traders engaged and secondly, and eToro has brought some updates to the program since its launch. That’s why people are still into it.


What is this Popular Investor program?


eToro planned their business model based on their traders’ financial success. That’s why when their clients win, eToro wins.


eToro constantly encourages their top achievers to share their experience, knowledge, and wisdom. In return, they get rewards depending on the followers each trader gets.


With a spread rebate of up to 100 percent, a percentage of their AUM or Assets Under Management, and regular monthly payments, eToro’s popular investor program is a great opportunity for successful, experienced, and top-followed traders to earn a great deal by sharing their knowledge, success, and wisdom.


Eligibility to Join


  • First of all, the trader needs to have a socially connected and verified trading account. The socially connected accounts are regular eToro accounts with an additional linking to the trader’s social profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


  • But only having a verified and socially connected account won’t help you unless you have at least three months of trading experience. The time will be counted after you made your first funding to your eToro verified and socially connected trading account.


  • The trader must have at least ten copiers at the time of this application.


  • The applicant trader also needs to share his/her personal details like real name, genuine photograph, and some other basic information in the eToro OpenBook profile.


How does the Program work?


The popular investor won’t have to convert his/her eToro credits. Investors under this program will directly receive cash fund that they can withdraw at any time. He/she can withdraw the cash by any chosen method via the eToro trading account.


There is actually no minimum trading limits for each month. However, a position must’ve been either created during a calendar month or it would have been carried over from the previous month.


At the beginning of the very first week of the month, eToro will pay the popular investors. They will be paid according to their average number of qualified copiers, which they had on a daily basis, the previous month. Here, a qualified copier is a trader who copied at the midnight GMT per day and has a minimum $100 of unrealized equity that includes the P&L of any opened position.


The payments for popular investor program depends on 2 different factors. One, number of the average daily qualified copier, two, the number profitable time slots out of these 4 investment periods: last twelve months, last six months, last three months, and last month. If the investor gets three profitable periods or more, eToro will pay him according to the “Top” amount. Otherwise, the trader will be paid according to the “Basic” amount.


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