LMFX Crystal Ball: Predict & Win

LMFX Crystal Ball: Predict & Win

  • Posted: Jul 11, 2018
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LMFX always cares about their clients, probably more than any other Forex brokers. They always make sure that the traders at LMFX stay at LMFX.That’s why they have adopted some effective ways to keep the traders engaged and interested in their platform.


Giving their clients a chance to win a big bonus by participating in contests, investing big in trades, and depositing a good sum, is their way of saying “we want you here, we don’t want you to leave this platform.”


LMFX has arranged different bonus and promotional offers for their traders. Apart from their Phoenix Recovery Bonus and Deposit Match Bonus, they have a Crystal Ball contest that gives the traders at LMFX a good chance to win a fortune.


What is Crystal Ball?


I bet you have seen those glowing crystal balls on movies and TV shows where a fortuneteller sits behind it and cast spells to see your future. No, this is not that type of crystal ball that I’m talking about. You can’t see your future in this crystal ball. But you can guess and that’s what this is about.


LMFX allows you to guess the closing price of a currency pair for Monday at 12 o’clock midday. By guessing this correctly, any trader can win a bonus. There will be 3 winners, 1st, 2nd and 3rd who will win up to $1,000.


How is the winner decided?


Some might say that guessing the exact price is close to important. Yes, that’s true in a sense, but you can get very close to the exact figure if you analyze the data of previous weeks. And shockingly, you don’t have to be precise to win the bonus. You just need to be as close as possible.


For example, say Larry said British Pound’s price will fall and come close to $1.48 this Monday, John said that the price will be closer to $1.39, Mike predicted $1.52 and Lew guessed $1.2.


Say the price stood around $1.42 at Monday 12 pm. So, the best guess among John, Mike, Clark, and Larry is John’s $1.39 prediction because his $1.39 is closer to $1.42 than $1.48, $1.52 and $1.2. So, this week’s 1stwinner is John and he will get the $1,000 prize. But there are2 other prizes for the second and third best guess. So, Larry will get the 2nd place and Mike will be 3rd.


Yes, total 3 bonus, up to $1,000.


This is just example. It doesn’t have to be British Pounds and Dollars. It can be Euros and Dollars, Euros and Dollars or Dollars and Taka. Any currency you like is open for you to predict.


In real time trading, the difference is very minimal. Besides, there will be a good number of participants who would like to give it a shot. That’s why it is tough to get the prediction closer to the exact figure. But if somehow you get it right, you win the grand prize of $1,000.


Who is eligible for this?


Every trader who registered their mobile number with the LMFX platform is eligible for this contest.


Yes, you need to have a full LMFX account to participate in the prediction contest. Other information about their contests is on their website.


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