Accounts at LMFX

Accounts at LMFX

  • Posted: Jun 22, 2018
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LMFX is a user-friendly Forex Broker who allows their clients to choose from 3 different account types. Whatever your available capital, appetite for risk, and trading requirement is, LMFX has you covered with their different account types. These include LMFX Premium, Fixed, and Zero account.


Premium Account


For retail Forex traders, this Premium account is perfect. Traders can trade as low as 0.01 lots at LMFX. But if they want to go big, LMFX allows traders to trade up to sixty lots in one single trade, which is perfect if you want to take risks and get some profit out of it.


Advanced trading platforms like Webtrader, Metatrader, and Mobile trading is available. When you open a Premium account, you also get a personal account manager and you automatically qualify for bonus offerings by LMFX.


Leverage is 1:1000 and no commission on each lot. When you open an account, you just need the minimum amount of $50 to deposit. Once your account is active, you can reload with minimum $25. You can also deposit the amount in Euros.


60 is the maximum total trade size for this type of account. The number of maximum open trades is 100. Margin call percentage is 50% and Stop out percentage is 20%.


Fixed Account


If you prefer trading with fixed spreads, LMFX has their Fixed account for you. This type of account gives you greater control over the trades you make and improves the accuracy while computing positions, thanks to the spread that you get in advance.


For expert advisors or EAs who operate with the fixed spreads, this account type is most suitable. Like the Premium account, you get a personal account manager and once you open your account, you qualify for LMFX’s bonuses.


With this account, there is no commission per lot, but the leverage is 1:400. Minimum deposit you need to make while opening a new account is $250. After that, you can reload with a minimum $50 at a time. Maximum total trades size is 75 and at once, you can keep 150 open trades. The amount can be deposited and withdrawn in either US Dollars or Euros.


Margin call percentage is 30% and Stop out percentage is 15% with LMFX’s Fixed accounts.


Zero Account


The Zero accounts offered by LMFX is a low-cost account type for trading that boasts No Markup & Super-tight Spreads, starts from 0.0 pips!


You can trade on the Interbank spreads with this Zero account offered by LMFX and bring down the cost for trading.


The competitive commissions start at each 1,000 lot, which is why this account type is ideal for high-volume traders.


Commission per lot is $4 and leverage is 1:250. When you open an account, you need to deposit minimum $100 and for the second time and onwards, minimum reloading is $50. Like other accounts, when you get started with Zero accounts, you qualify for LMFX bonuses like Phoenix Recovery Bonus and Deposit Match bonus.


Maximum total trade size is 100 and at a single time, you can have 200 open trades. Account currency is both US Dollars and Euros. Marginal call is 30 percent and Stop Out is 15 percent.



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