Everything You Need to Know About CopyFunds on Etoro

Everything You Need to Know About CopyFunds on Etoro

  • Posted: May 31, 2018
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eToro has become one of the best social trading platforms. This is not because they do marketing like no other. I know they do,but marketing was never the strong point for eToro like XM. They do believe in marketing, but don’t rely on only the marketing bits to draw attention. Instead, they are mostly dedicated to inventing newer ways to serve their clients to help them reach maximum profit with their invested amount. CopyFunds is one of those biggest next-generation investment products from eToro.  So, what is it?



What is CopyFunds?


As mentioned before, CopyFunds is a product for the next generation of trading designed by the leading traders and the hardworking team of eToro. Since their establishment in 2007, eToro planned to bring something this revolutionary and introduce it to their clients. Finally, they have.


CopyFunds groups the successful investors from eToro together and then constantly makes newer adjustments to optimize their funds for maximum profit. Unlike ETFs or indices, CopyFunds are solely based on the collective wisdom of a few investors or traders who are active on the trading platform and have shown some impressive results. Just like any other funds, CopyFunds is composed of multiple elements and adds more stability, which leads to a lower risk as a financial instrument.


This innovative financial tool is definitely brand-new and each of the funds is traded just like any other and it is managed by a sophisticated and optimized algorithm.


CopyFunds aims to help the investor to minimize long-term risk and promote opportunities for growth. This is done by taking Copy Trading to the upper level and by creating diversified investments.


Types of CopyFunds


There are 2 types of CopyFunds that you can invest in –


  1. Top Trader CopyFunds
  2. Market CopyFunds


First one, which is Top Trader CopyFunds, comprises the most sustainable and best performing traders on eToro platform.


On the other hand, Market CopyFunds is just a bundle of CFD stocks, ETFs or commodities under one single chosen market strategy.


Get started with CopyFunds


With just three steps, a user of eToro can invest in Copy Funds.


Step one: Choosing the CopyFunds


First, you need to choose the CopyFunds that are suitable for your needs. You have two different types of CopyFunds to choose from. Top Trader CopyFunds and the Market CopyFunds.


Step two: Choosing the amount


Then you need to choose the ideal amount that you are confident to invest. Don’t go with a big amount if you are not confident.


Step three: Finish it with one click


Now that you have chosen your suitable CopyFunds type and entered the amount, all you need is a click on a button to get started with CopyFunds.


The Next Gen. Portfolio


Once you are done investing in CopyFunds, get your couch ready to rest because your capital is being managed professionally by eToro’s own investment committee.


Now that you know everything about eToro’s next-generation trading product, this is your time to invest. But don’t forget to contact their customer support if you find any complications while investing.

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