XM A Human Company

XM A Human Company

  • Posted: May 25, 2018
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XM has grown significantly over the years and is now offering their services to over a million clients from almost 200 countries. In addition to boasting a state of the art online platform, XM has hundreds of experts with years of experience to support traders and to mark itself as one of the most successful and inspiring brokers.


Where does XM stand now?


The company’s success has mostly been attributed to the feature-packed and responsive trading platform they offer. Not only does it boast about itself in having over a million clients, and not a single re-quote on made trades, the company has a history of having a sincere human workforce behind the online platform with superior customer service.


XM is a licensed and regulated broker in addition to being globally renowned. The company sets itself apart by focusing on the clients first and foremost. In addition to the usual services, XM provides a convenient and fair platform, which greatly ensures customer satisfaction and has helped XM grow to where it stands now.


What makes them human?


The company ensures a strong physical relationship with its clients. This is done through a strong management workforce who are very active in ensuring a smooth and hassle-free trading experience. Additionally, frequent visits to various major cities around the world by the management staff helps aid the mission to ensure customer service and satisfaction.


Moreover, traders are given the opportunity to engage in seminars hosted by the company where they can see the faces behind the company and even express their thoughts about the platform. All of this helps the company obtain crucial feedback about the platform and helps them expand in functionality and further solidify a user-friendly environment, thereby allowing for a more proactive user base with guaranteed client satisfaction.


Apart from that, the seminars allow the traders to get some first-hand insight and allow them to make better and smarter trading decisions on the platform. Visits to over a hundred cities and interacting with clients has helped boost morale, increase trust and at the same time has allowed the company to educate its clients about clever trading practices, which not only helps the clients turn a profit. but by extension XM in the long-run. This extra effort has allowed XM to not only excel as a trustworthy platform with a high level of client retention, but to expand into this massive company with over a million active traders.


How it all adds up


XM believes  ensuring customer satisfaction and earning the customer’s trust by providing a state of the art trading platform, an active and effective customer service and finally, by having a panel of experts with years of experience to cater to client needs. XM also provides its services without bias to different cultures, ethnicities and even religious beliefs. All of this points towards a more human and approachable trading platform for new future traders and a trustworthy one for current traders, thereby making XM a human company.


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