Contests And Awards Offered By

Contests And Awards Offered By

  • Posted: Apr 25, 2018
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We all know that LMFX is a wonderful online trading platform. There are lots of reasons for you to join LMFX and start trading today. Some major reasons are the security of funds, education, becoming a partner, and contests. LMFX takes high safety measures to ensure your fund security and safer fund transfer. They have webinars presented by highly experienced professionals to educate you and prepare you for the perfect trading platform. You can become a partner and achieve a high level of revenue with them. Last but not the list of our topics – you can participate in the variety of contest and can win cash prizes and much more from LMFX. In this article, we will mainly discuss the contest and awards offered by


Currently, 3 awesome contests and awards are available at They are the LMFX Crystal ball contest, LMFX’s ultimate traders, and Learn and Earn contest. All 3 of them are discussed down below.


1 – LMFX Crystal ball contest


For this particular contest, you have to register your mobile number to enter and get a chance to win $1000 every week. This weekly contest is a real deal because $1000 is a lot. All you have to do is predict the exchange rates for winning up to $1000. Try to calculate the most accurate to-be exchange rates of the currency pair of that week. You have to guess the closing price on Monday at 12:00 midday. At the end of the week, top 3 closest assumptions will be awarded as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place with rewards up to one grand. But one thing you have to absolutely remember that, your mobile number is necessary for you to participate.


2 –LMFX’s Ultimate Traders


This contest is really amazing and for those who think they have gained the mastery in the art of Forex trading. This contest is not for absolute beginners, but those who want to prove them can definitely participate. This contest is monthly and you get the chance to win 1000 Dollars every month.


Do you think that you have learned enough and have what it takes to be number 1? Then participate this competition and show this to everyone out there. For this competition, you have to join the rank of LMFX’s very own Ultimate traders, and then make it into the top & you will have the chance to win $1000; this is a good amount of money, and you can win this every month. Additionally, you get to collect points as Top Traders, which will help you win the title of Trader of the Year. In this way, at the end of the year, you can win $100 trading fund.


3- Learn and earn contest


This contest is dedicated towards the beginner. This can act as a motivation for the beginner to grow bigger. The amazing part of this contest is that you have absolutely no monetary risks involved. You can only gain from this contest each month. This is a monthly contest and the prize is up to $1000.


This contest is only held in demo accounts, so the other members cannot participate. All you have to do is practice and master the trading skills. At the end of the month, the top 3 will be awarded the prize money, and they will have the chance to win up to $1000.


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